Hot Gear Friday Wednesday

May I present for this week’s Hot Gear Friday Wednesday installment, the Phillips Norelco Nose and Ear Trimmer Model NT9110.

This high-performance, smartly-designed and thoughtfully-engineered grooming aid is a quiet, yet powerful hair removal system for the demanding, highly visible, metrosexual lifestyle of prominent bloggers like Mitch Berg and your own Johnny Roosh.

The NT9110 is 100% water resistant for easy use and cleaning, runs on one widely available AA Battery and includes:

  • 2 eyebrow combs, long and short
  • 2 trimming combs
  • Protection cap
  • 2-year world wide guarantee

I especially appreciate the motor’s turbine-like smoothness, the body’s quality feel, it’s sensuous form factor, and the tactile pleasure of holding my Phillips Norelco NT9110’s Soft-Grip rubber jacket as I advance it’s humming proboscis ever deeper into my aural and nasal cavities so as to keep my nostrils and ears free of follicular overgrowth for many hours at a time.

The business end of this precision-designed grooming machine is intuitively canted to maximize comfort and reach.

The water resistant design allows full-stream rinsing to remove the bounty of organic debris that collects as you comfortably navigate the aforementioned body cavities.

The efficacy of this appliance is demonstrated here in recent photos of me “before” and “after” employing my Phillips Norelco NT9110 before a recent MOB Gala.

As you can see, I’m no April fool. So if you’re like me, and of course you are – who wouldn’t want to be – you will appreciate the ease and efficiency with which the Phillips Norelco NT9110 keeps unwanted follicles at bay, leaving you with that just-groomed look for gatherings both business…

…and pleasure.

国产 (Made in China)

8 thoughts on “Hot Gear Friday Wednesday

  1. With the U.S. government taking over the auto industry I fear that reviews of high-performance machines will be limited to personal grooming devices and, perhaps, toasters – even when they’re made in China.

    Roosh, you didn’t mention the high-gloss, baked-in melamine coating that makes this the last trimmer you’ll ever need!

  2. “Swiftee bought one of those, thinking it was a butt vibrator.”

    Pffft. Not a bit, douchbag.

    Everyone knows that butt vibrators have floppy shoes and come from New York attractively packaged in a tiny car shaped box.

  3. Damn! I was going to publish that for Friday!

    Maybe I’ll have to feature my “Ronco Back Hair Groomer” instead.

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