This Does Not Sound Good

The eastern 100 miles of I-94 in North Dakota – from Jamestown to Fargo – has been closed to make way for an evacuation:

The North Dakota Department of Transportation and Highway Patrol have closed the eastbound lanes of Interstate 94. The closure is to prepare for a voluntary evacuation of the Fargo area and to help with the transfer of flood-fighting resources.

I don’t recall ’94 ever closing (away from the immediate Fargo-Moorhead area – around bridges and such) for anything but blizzards in the past.

1 thought on “This Does Not Sound Good

  1. The footage on the news was pretty impressive of the explosions to break up the ice dam. It even made the international news.

    Apparently one of the CNN reporters was hauled away from flood coverage in handcuffs after persisting in reporting from on top of the sand bags where they were endangering the stability.

    Like those cold, tired, stressed locals don’t have enough to worry about.

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