So Let Me Get This Straight…

A deeply mentally ill child of immense privilege

…from a family that is very, very likely left of center (given where the father lives and the industry he works in), not that that necessarily should matter…

…who stabbed three victims, shot three (of whom four were men and two were women) and critically injured two more with his car…

…in a gun-free zone…

…in a state that has some of the “toughest” gun controls in the country, and spent the last year ratcheting up restrictions on law-abiding gun buyers…

…is the fault of the NRA and the gun-rights movement?

22 thoughts on “So Let Me Get This Straight…

  1. And, according to one victim’s father, the government is a bunch of idiots for not implementing stricter gun laws. Of course, this is the new rallying cry for the left wing gun grabbers. I guess they don’t like being called idiots!

  2. Betty McCollum has an excuse, but anyone with more intelligence than my gold fish who listens to that kid’s monument to leftist social meddling and comes away saying a gun was the problem needs a smack.

    Jus’ sayin’.

  3. given our Dear Leader’s willingness to deplete the treasury (read spends money like a crack whore with a stolen credit card) for “important” causes his unwillingness to properly fund the NICS Improvement Act of 2007 can be more reasonably argued as the proximate cause of the california shooting.

  4. It was telling on Sat. AM when Fox News interrupted their story with a just- released statement for President Obama in which he offered condolences to the “shooting victims.” Apparently the stabbing victims didn’t rise to the level of his attention. At the time, the mechanism of the six killings was clear; three shot, three stabbed. Four shot if you count the killer – I don’t.

    If an idiot such as myself knew there was a knife involved, I’d think the president should have known, too. Perhaps the stabbing victims will be dealt with by the vice president tomorrow. I believe the gaffe was either a “Freudian slip” or intentional misdirection. Bad either way. The killer’s weaponry hasn’t been discussed yet. Perhaps his legally purchased guns don’t fit the desired scenario either.

    I cannot help but feel badly for the killer’s parents too. While I doubt if I have anything in common with them, it sounds like they did what they could and will now suffer retribution from the same groups they likely supported. I guess that since I disagree with the blame that was heaped upon Adam Lanza’s murdered mother, I have to do the same for this psycho’s family.

    Let the blood dance begin …

  5. So Mad Dog Killer’s dad says that the American People have more responsibility for the killings than he does. Or his son, presumably.

  6. father of victim, not killer. Still doesn’t excuse the blame but slightly more understandable.

  7. And Joe’s right we at the DoDE helped write that statement. Expect guns to be a BIG part in 2014 elections.

  8. Another young man known to have had mental health issues. Another rampage. More dead. Who to blame?

    There IS an influential national organization that spent years fighting in court to stop society from making this young man take his medicine, while insisting on his right to vote, marry, have a child and yes, purchase weapons.

    No, it’s not the NRA. It’s the ACLU. Let’s put the blame where it belongs.

  9. The proper response to this tragedy is to go out at night with others and light a candle while looking solemn. No joking during the vigil, please!
    Because this will take place in Cali, it is permitted to send a Central American servant to the vigil in your place.

  10. I’m with PM. Just another variation on the Hashtag Humanitarianism fad where all that’s required is a sympathetic symbol of concern. Just add a un-smiley visage and you’re done. Sad-faced selfies are permitted. No cash outlay or expenditure of any sort required. And if you’re lucky, you’ll see really cool people there.

    The mental health advocacy community should be just as alert over all this as is the NRA. One little pill or vague diagnosis and you’re in for a (hopefully) short med center vacation and a lot of free time during the next hunting season.

    What MH practitioner in her/his right mind (insert obvious one-liner here) would dare risk a not-crazy diagnosis? Or, what cop or public health social service worker in the same sane mental state, when faced with a game of “transport hold or no transport hold” will choose the latter? Then, will the transport hold count as an involuntary hold, even if it’s not upheld by the examining MHC provider?

    And forget about veterans. It’ll be back to the 70’s for them, when “s/he’s a Vietnam (pick your conflict) vet” was listed among red flags for first responders, like “has guns in the house”, “has been drinking”, “past history of violence towards LE'” etc., etc.

    I suspect that many firearms enthusiasts in need of a little MH help – not necessarily psychotic, delusional, or violent, just a bit depressed over a divorce, been hitting the bottle a bit too often lately, or is just tired of dealing with minor anxiety issues, will not be seeking needed MH help anytime soon. But, since they’re among “those people”, who cares?

    There are at least two big-issue plates spinning this time around, and they would make for very strange bedfellows … good luck.

  11. stepping out of character for a moment as Ben from Edina, I have Aspergers (which this creep probably had too) and this is why I plan on getting into politics someday. This needs to be addressed at a national level and no one has the balls to do it. Blame guns when you should be blaming the mental health system or lackthereof. You think the VA is fucked up, look at the government when it comes to mental health…

  12. Part of me wonders–and I admit I do not understand Asperger’s–whether the parents’ divorce, the provision of nannies instead of parents, and the provision of mammon (with little or no moral guidance if his screed is to be believed) in lieu of parenting has anything to do with this tragedy.

  13. ” I have Aspergers (which this creep probably had too) and this is why I plan on getting into politics someday.”

    Ya got talent kid, but honesty like that isn’t gonna get you on a federal employee health care plan.

  14. Early on in this tragedy I heard the murderer being described as a person with high functioning Asperger’s Syndrome, as well as more serious mental health issues.

    As I understand the condition, and apparently demonstrated by POD666, such a condition in and of itself should not alone be cause for weapons, or other rights restrictions.

    However, after this witch hunt in completed, I’d bet that those in similar situations might correctly notice that they’re under more scrutiny than before. That’s unfortunate. In the rush to determine individual accountability, thorough exploration and more solid explanations for the cause of the tragedy might fall by the wayside. Also, after learning more about the killer’s father, I’m not as sympathetic as I once was … My best to POD666 and I respect his willingness to share personal info. about his situation.

  15. Is Aspbergers a mental illness? A mental defect? A mental disorder?
    Or is it just a behavior that the head shrinks have decided is treatable?
    Don’t make evil an illness.


    Looks like it’s something with unknown causes and no real cure. The way of coping includes drugs and….cognitive therapy, which more or less tries to teach the rules of social conduct to kids the way foreign languages are taught–by rote.

    And it would seem that this syndrome would make it very difficult for one’s romantic life, but some help might be afforded by family and friends.

  17. Asperger’s syndrome symptoms include:

    Engaging in one-sided, long-winded conversations, without noticing if the listener is listening or trying to change the subject
    Displaying unusual nonverbal communication, such as lack of eye contact, few facial expressions, or awkward body postures and gestures
    Showing an intense obsession with one or two specific, narrow subjects, such as baseball statistics, train schedules, weather or snakes
    Appearing not to understand, empathize with or be sensitive to others’ feelings
    Having a hard time “reading” other people or understanding humor
    Speaking in a voice that is monotonous, rigid or unusually fast
    Moving clumsily, with poor coordination

    Some of these “symptoms” might not be desirable behavior as far as peers and family go. Is that the new standard for a developmental disorder?

  18. The Great Trinity of modernism consists of Darwin, Freud, and Marx. Together they were supposed to make understandable to reason human origins, the human soul, and human history (not economics).
    It doesn’t matter if Darwin, Freud, and Marx were right or wrong. The first High Priest of Modernism, Nietzsche, explained why: Modernism isn’t about coming to grips with reality, it is about the power of a self-selected group to control the lives of others.

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