Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Since the right to an abortion and the right to bear arms are both fundamental Constitutional rights, this ruling should pave the way to institute some long overdue sensible restrictions on abortions: background checks with photographs and fingerprints, registration with the government, limit to one abortion per year, classroom training before the procedure . . . these are all required to possess a firearm so they should be required to obtain an abortion.


Next, I’d like to see the Star Tribune’s registration and the background checks on their reporters.


The worst part is the “reasoning” the judge uses.  Citing a few mass shootings, but carefully avoiding the other 99% of the murders he uses as justification, those being the killings committed with guns that were not registered and will never be registered, carried and used by felons who can never legally own or carry. Nothing in these regulations will address the real problem; therefore, the regulations are not substantially related to a legitimate government purpose and should have been stricken down.


Joe Doakes

The epidemic of judges ignoring the Constitution is one we as a society are going to need to deal with if the Constitution is ever to really matter.

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  1. Couldn’t the billion dollar + donation made by Warren Buffet to abortion providers be construed as proof of the attention-seeking billionaire’s sexism, racism, and other negative “ism”‘s? If you consider the socio-economic, cultural, and racial demographics of abortion seekers, it could mean that there are certain types of people who Buffett feels shouldn’t reproduce.

    Taking a step ahead of Mayor Bloomberg, who only wants to disarm and control the peasantry, Buffett wants to simply exterminate them. I suppose that’s the aggressive kind of thinking that separates the billionaires from the mega-billionaires …

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