Chanting Points Memo: The Straw War

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Did you know Minnesota women only make 80 percent of what men make?


 Thankfully, on Mother’s Day, Governor Mark Dayton took bold, decisive action to end this discrimination against women.

Dayton says the new law is intended to create equality, opportunities and protections for women. I confidently predict that one year from today, it will have accomplished none of them.

What it actually will accomplish is Good Feelings for having Done Something with Noble Intentions unlike those Hateful Republicans who wage War on Womyn just in time for Election. That, with the help of willing accomplices in the media such as the CBS story above, the new law will accomplish in spades.

Joe Doakes

It’s the very definition of a “Chanting Point”.

3 thoughts on “Chanting Points Memo: The Straw War

  1. Related….the Obama administration is leaning very hard on banks to make loans (such as home loans) to people with poor credit. Kind of like happened leading up to the 2008 meltdown. Instead of solving the root problems (if there is one that needs to be solved), the gov’t just mandates the desirable end-goal.
    Kind of like taking steriods instead of working out.

  2. Chuck: Kind of like ordering a diet Coke with your bacon double cheesburger and large fries.

  3. Perhaps it would help if the governor could tweet a photo of Mrs. Solon holding a cardboard box flap with this:

    #Pay Our Girls

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