Clear Your Calendars April 5

OK, this should be fun.

Saturday, April 5, the NARN is doing a live remote from the “Shooters Show” event at Bill’s Gun Range in Robbinsdale.

Shooters will be able to test-fire a wide selection of firearms from most of your major manufacturers for free (you’ll have to buy ammo).  If you’ve been wanting to test-drive that new carry piece, this will be your chance.

I’ll be there doing the broadcast live from Bill’s.  And after the show, I’m thinking of adjourning to a nearby watering hole (after everyone’s done shooting…).

So keep some time free on the afternoon of April 5!

1 thought on “Clear Your Calendars April 5

  1. It’s a conspiracy, I tell you! I am in Buenos Aires that day! Have fun…

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