3 thoughts on ““But Why Don’t People Trust The Media?”, Episode 2,392

  1. Heard Rush talking about this yesterday. Just proves that libturds in media are all a bunch of ignorant parrots. One writes a story, twenty others glom on, whether or not the story is true. Whatever happened to verification before publication?

  2. Every day I read the newspaper and say to my self “wait, that is not true”.
    Just one example…the Arizona law. Every story on it in MSM said “a bill that will allow business to refuse service to gays”.
    And I’m still waiting for those front page articles belittling Obama for now knowing how to spell “rspect”.

  3. The way to start a revolution here would be to do away with withholding and make people pay their taxes directly like they do their phone, electric and other utility bills.
    Speaking of self filers – a friend lost his job when his employer decided to close the brokerage he worked in. With some encouragement from a couple of customers and his spouse, he opened his own brokerage and as a one man show made five times the amount of money as in his previous job. He was casually talking about his success with an accountant who asked him how he was estimating and paying his ‘quarterly’s’. “What quarterly’s?”.
    Seems like our experts in the media (experts at health insurance, Boeing 777 navigation systems, climate change, etc.) are like my friend when it comes to things like filing estimated taxes for the coming year. They have no idea.

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