Free People With “Assault Weapons”: 1. Scum, 0

Detroit mom repels three armed daytime home invasion robbers.

Her weapon of choice?  A “Hi-Point” carbine – a pistol-caliber semi-automatic rifle.  It’s lighter, handier, and doesn’t have the overpenetration of a full rifle-caliber rifle (or intermediate-caliber “assault rifle”), but has better accuracy and, perhaps most importantly, that “I’ve got a F***ING MILITARY GRADE RIFLE, AS***LE!” vibe about it.

Open note to the Detroit cop at the end; yes, you’re gonna get ’em – but how about a shout-out to the woman who actually took three scumbags off the street?

In related news, Nicholas Johnson, author of Negroes and the Gun, willl be joining me tomorrow on the NARN.

2 thoughts on “Free People With “Assault Weapons”: 1. Scum, 0

  1. I love the “No you don’t” response, proving yet again, that as a rule, criminals aren’t the brightest bulbs in the drawer!

  2. The recently appointed police chief in Detroit has noted that he’d rather have citizens armed than not. That in his experience, a good guy or gal with a gun beats just the bad guys (or gals) having guns.
    Loved the line though when the woman praises the Detroit PD for having caught the thugs “on the same night”. Probably shocked they showed up at all.

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