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  1. A friend of mine once slaughtered a lamb in the “kosher” way and noted that there was no apparent pain on the part of the animal–even though the animal did not collapse sufficiently at 4 seconds. Good thing he’s a goy and could still eat it. :^)

    Seriously, I’m thinking that some people just don’t understand what goes on.

  2. mmmm oven seared, slow roasted, leg of lamb that has been dry rubbed with rosemary, sea salt and fresh ground rose pepper then marinated in a mixture of orange juice, white wine, and garlic.

  3. Kind of like in Wisconsin. The Democrats are running a rich 1%er against Governor Walker. A lady who made Wisconsin residents unemployed when she moved her production from Wisconsin to China.

    And backing her……yes, George Soros. Billionaire currency manipulator who has no ties to Wisconsin other than wanting to buy an election.

    I guess those things are okay if you are a left wing government unionist.

  4. I know this is hopelessly late and no one will read it, but what the hell, I’ve got a glass of Chilean Cab and an ax to grind in the form explaining the reasoning for the halal/kosher ban.

    Blame the Muslims. And their enablers. And especially those in the poultry meat packing industry (in the sense that “capitalists will sell the rope used to hang them”).

    Many Danes have been annoyed for a long time by the fact that virtually all chickens are now slaughtered halal (it’s on the label). It was done, in part, to show the various “kulturberigere” (those who enrich the culture) that they are welcome and important. From the meat packer’s perspective, it was a question of profits. One slaughter line instead of two and really, “who can taste the difference anyway?”. So, they hired a few imans to “bless the process” and went ahead.

    Except that a lot of Danes, for a variety of reasons, were not happy. As politically correct guilt-ridden White people, there was little to be done: the racism card in Scandi-land still has lots of credit and no one *could* taste the difference anyway. So, grumble…

    And then a TV show showed what halal (and kosher) slaughtering really is (no one knew). And then there were a scandal or two with “private” halal slaughterhouses where true halal procedures were not followed (apparently true halal procedures can be superseded if the correct skin color/religion/language are in place). Anyway, then came the push-back.

    It is my understanding that there is little if any difference between halal and kosher, but both, in the West, have traditionally been practiced on a small scale. Until recently. Also, neither form of slaughter, done *correctly*, is inhumane, but in a factory situation, however, with lots of animals being killed very quickly, I’m pretty sure “mistakes” are made.

    So, the bad rep that halal slaughter acquired was expanded to include kosher slaughter. Primarily because the procedures are so similar. Also, because, one wouldn’t want to stigmatize those of “anden etnisk herkomst end dansk” (“another ethnic origin than Danish”). And to piss off the Jews – Europeans are weird about Jews.

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