Wendy “Abortion Barbie” Davis, who has spent the past year wrapping herself in a “plucky single mom” narratve taken straight from a Lifetime movie – until the Dallas newspaper showed she was more of a Crystal Carrington – is now putting her personal story off-limits

And wrapping herself in the Second Amendment. 

Please, please, please, Al Franken.  Bring her to Minnesota to campaign for you. 

Wendy Davis has set feminism back a decade.

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  1. By the time this is over, she’ll be hanging out in the ditch in Crawford with Cindy Sheehan.

  2. She left her sugar daddy older husband, who cashed in his 401(K) to pay for her Havard Law school, the day after he made the final payment for said schooling.

    The husband recieved custody of the kids as she wasn’t exactly an attentive parent.

    NRO reported that one of her co-workers in Texas said she is very ambitious. But not in a good way. More of a dump the family, back-stab co-workers to get ahead.

  3. And Cindy’s tee-shirt matches Wendy’s sneakers.

    Wendy has a problem with telling the truth, apparently, but also with phrasing. I don’t care for her support for “the expansion of gun rights.” Expansion?

    Maybe she just likes to talk and not think much. In which case, we should call her “Windy.”

  4. Oh, it’s getting better–Abbott is apparently wheelchair-bound, and she “refuted” claims about her bio by not only falsely claiming Abbott had something to do with the Dallas paper’s claim, but (a la Joe Biden) noted that Greg Abbott had not walked a mile in her shoes. See Michelle Malkin’s site for details. So she not only hates children–those not yet born and her own, to which she lost custody (one of them not even being her ex’s biological child)–but also apparently hates the disabled.

    Bring her up here, Al. Please.

  5. In Windy’s defense, I have not seen any reports she is assocaited with al-Qaeda… yet.

  6. That was ‘Krystle’ Carrington. Because, in the 80s, spelling ‘Crystal’ with a ‘K’ was a sign of wealth and class.

  7. Wendy’s certainly a piece of work, but I’m not too sure we can say she ran away from the kids. The original divorce complaint mentioned adultery which means she probably was caught dead to rights in something long running — hardly surprising given she was away at Harvard so long. Down in Texas the absence and adultery meant she was screwed (pun intended) and would almost certainly lose the kids. Since in the end she lost the kids and got stuck with child support, my guess is that the ex agreed to drop the adultery and say nice things about her to save her political career in return for the kids and money.

  8. Probably closer to Valene ‘Val’ Ewing from “Dallas” than Cryst.., er, Krystle (ah, RickDFL, useful as ever) Carrington…
    “Valene’s storyline in the first season of Dallas focuses on the rebuilding of her former marriage to estranged ex-husband Gary Ewing. When Valene arrives in Texas to find her daughter, Lucy Ewing” (who was sent to live with her grandparents because ‘Val’ was an absentee mother) “she is brought back into the drama of the Ewing family”. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valene_Ewing
    Hmm, Joan Van Ark. Mitch, was she not the Scarlett Johansson of 80’s?
    Other Abortion Barbie notes – claims her opponent needs to “walk a mile in her shoes” – he’s been a paraplegic for thirty years and uses a wheel chair. Also, Davis nyuk’d about his “running” mate… if only she was still a Republican so that we could hear how hateful she is to the differently abled! It might even have it’s own hashtag… #waronwheelchairs. Meh, double standards.

  9. Can I just throw some anti-feminism fuel on the fire, just to piss her off? She’s a very rare female Democrat politician – she’s pretty MILFy She should have spent some of her sugar daddy’s money on getting that blob removed from her left cheek however. It’s too distracting.

    But yeah, bring her her. More photo ops for me to ogle her in.

    Do I make you uncomfortable, Wendy? GOOD.

  10. I never actually watched Dallas, and for all I knew Krystyl Karryngtyn was on Falconcrest. Which I also never watched.

    But thanks, Rick!

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