Utterly Inconceivable

After rumors swept the Twin Cities that the shooting outside a Hudson, Wisconsin liquor store was the work of legal carry permittees, it’s perhaps a shock to see that the shooting…

…is believe to be the work of gang members

While investigators can’t say with certainty that the two groups of people knew each other, it’s beginning to appear the shooting may have been gang related.

… Who don’t qualify for carry permits, because they’re criminals:

The three victims have all been in trouble before, including aggravated robbery, assault, burglary and disorderly conduct.

“I don’t want to say it was a drug deal or not, but I could say it might be gang related,” Chief Jensen said.

Further evidence of the Republican war on womyn.

3 thoughts on “Utterly Inconceivable

  1. I can see Doggy’s post now! “See? There’s one of the gun fights that the lefties warned us would if we allowed people to walk around with guns!”

  2. NW, we had light rail down in Florida years ago. In fact we had a stop right near my work in Boca Raton.

    It wasn’t popular with the workers. Trudging a mile to the plant in a suit under the hot, humid tropical sun wasn’t a pleasant thought. We’d rather drive through the gates to the plant (and you needed your badge to get through those).

    But it did serve a particular demographic. Gang bangers from Miami used to ride up the choo-choo, get off, do the walk, and steal cars from the parking lot. It got so bad that IBM had to put guards at the exit gates to stop it, although not before the site manager’s car was taken, naturally.

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