Scorecard: Light Rail 10, Concealed Carry 0

The Ventura Trolley has its tenth victim:

Spokesman John Siqveland said the gate arms were down, an alarm was sounding and lights were flashing at the intersection when the accident happened. The sidewalk is adjacent to the gate arms, but is not covered by the gate arms. The southbound train stopped just a few feet beyond the intersection after the accident.

Several passengers were on the train at the time. They were questioned by Metro Transit police and put on a bus to continue their ­journeys, Siqveland said.

No word yet if Rep. Michael Paymar feels “intimidated” by trying to cross the tracks; the Ventura Trolley is, statistically, infinitely more dangerous than a citizen with a carry permit. 

(No, not to make light of the death; my condolences to the victim’s loved ones.   This isn’t about mocking the dead; it’s about mocking the priorites of the vacuous hamsters some parts of this state keep sending to office). 


25 thoughts on “Scorecard: Light Rail 10, Concealed Carry 0

  1. Light rail is the biggest central planning disaster waste of money in the West after Obamacare.

    Rail and subways only work where the government forced it on a mostly willing population way back over a hundred years ago,when we were less prosperous.

    Looking at the S.F. BART system is interesting. It has massive ridership, but every single financial metric is in trouble. Politicized central planning is no way to run ANYTHING. It’s a waste of society’s precious resources.

  2. The have all of these excuses and rationalizations to use government force to put people on top of people and jam them into transportation tubes.

    It was a good idea a 100 years ago.

    Get the Fed and government off of people’s throats and a million things will take care of themselves.

  3. You got it, TFS. One of the things that planners hate is that the people they are obsessed with controlling have the freedom to choose where to live and work. By controlling transportation, the planners can control everything. They can choose which real estate is desirable, which group of people will live cheek-by-jowl with what other group of people, which part of a community will be allowed to grow and thrive and which will be made to decay and die. It’s a Stalinist’s dream.

  4. Powhatan Mingo: Twitter has been invaluable into seeing how they all think. They all just love government and monetary force, central planning, egg head idealism etc. etc. If it doesn’t work, well, WE MUST NEED MORE!

    Plus, they all get a cut of the graft this way. It beats getting a real job.

    I swear everything is as simple as that, but it’s not easy to see.

  5. 10 to 0 just addresses deaths, I’m wondering what the comparisons would be if property damage, injury, and wounding were included.

    During the time that the investigation was taking place the passengers of this train and subsequent trains were forced to………..RIDE A BUS!

  6. Come on, steel on steel (that’s called a “bearing” for the non-engineers here) with 50 ton carriages going through the bar district at high speeds…..what could possibly go wrong here?

    I can sort of excuse the huge financial cost of this boondoggle, but I’m having trouble figuring out how what I note above apparently either didn’t appear on their FMEAs, or didn’t score high as a concern. Government INVENTED the FMEA, after all. (fail mode effects analysis–it’s what NASA and the DOD use to prioritize fixes for space and defense systems, used a TON in automotive, medical, etc..)

  7. Last night’s Jason Lewis was really good on how transportation taxes are spent. We are REALLY screwing ourselves. Terrible.

  8. On Oahu the state legislature approved a county sales tax surcharge of 0.5 cents to fund a ridiculous, white elephant, mass transit rail line.
    Now all the neighbor island mayors (including mine) want the state to give them the authority to add a county surcharge to the state-wide sales tax. None of the neighbor islands has any plans to produce a mass transit rail line, they want the money to pay for normal operating expenses.
    Why not raise property taxes, instead? Well, look at who pays property taxes: homeowners, property developers and property speculators.
    My mayor (Billy Kenoi) says that he has no plans to impose a county sales tax surcharge, he just wants to join the other mayors in asking for the authority to do so. Also, the county government needs the money, and besides fully one third of the surcharge will come out of the pockets of tourists, so don’t worry.

  9. TFS; Jack and Ben had a former MNDOT Engineer on their show this morning talking about the insidiousness of this light rail debacle.

    Also, I think that it’s hilarious that the lefties living in SW Minneapolis, close to the light rail stations, raised holy hell when people would park in “their neighborhoods” and walk to the LR. Once again illustrating how loser libturds are all for spending on socialistic programs and items, unless it affects them directly! Morons!

  10. TFS, I think livingliberally’s logic goes like this:
    I can only have a market if I own something. I can only own something if the state guarantees my ownership with the threat of state sponsored force. Therefore, the state using force to take property is not different than a free market exchange of goods.
    Which, to me, is straight-up marxism: the state owns everything.

  11. @PM – A mass transit line on Oahu? WTF?? WTFF??? Are there enough people on all the islands that if the gubmit forced them all to live on Kauai there would be sufficient population density for this to make any sense?

  12. mnbubba-
    I don’t even live on Oahu and it aggravates the Hell out me. It’s about a $7 billion project, with more overruns to come (most of it federal $). That’s more than $5,000 for every man, woman, and child on Oahu. They could buy them all a nice moped for that much money. The train will run through tsunami zones and if there is an earthquake or tsunami warning it will stop and discharge its passengers. Purposely, it’s not safe to move it if there has been a big earthquake and it’s not the place to be if there is a tsunami. So it will just discharge its passengers so they can run, I suppose, to high ground, or fight there way home through the post-apocalyptic war zone that will be Oahu after it gets hit by a mag 6 quake.
    Because restrooms cost money and require staff to clean, they left them off the plans for the stations. And they anticipate thousands of people moving through the stations each day.
    The mayor of Honolulu and his cronies have been pushing this boondoggle for years. You know how it goes, they have a referendum over and over until it passes, than the project is written in stone and can’t be stopped.
    It’s not an exaggeration to say it was built to increase development on Oahu. Traffic is at a standstill during rush hour, they can’t build any more freeways, so the only way to develop the rural parts of Oahu that remain is to move traffic to mass transit from the freeways (they call them interstates — go figure).

  13. BTW, livingliberally’s twitter exchange with Banaian has descended into gross self-parody:
    King Banaian ‏@banaianshow 8h
    @LiberallyLiving All scarce goods are rationed. The question is whether you use force or markets.

    LivingLiberally ‏@LiberallyLiving 10h
    .@banaianshow So you want Republicans to ration healthcare and higher education? #deathpanels

  14. @PM – “It’s about a $7 billion project, with more overruns to come (most of it federal $)”
    IOW, a stinks-to-high-heaven barrel of pork for donors, classmates, and various approved victim groups.

  15. Powhatan Mingo:

    I think that’s dead-on.

    JMO, what is happening is, for 100 years the state and the Fed has–in reality–net effect–been confiscating more and more REGRESSIVELY and killing individual opportunity. (Progressive taxation is a lousy way to make up for it too, because it just perpetuates a cruel system of thievery.)

    So Lefty politics and joining the state with employment or rent seeking, is a way for some to “own” and direct more of society’s resources to make up for their loss of and lack of individual power.

    Then throw in the fact that Leftist messaging is easier to convey than prosperity and opportunity.

    What a country!

    We are doomed.

  16. BTW, what’s wrong with dedicated bus lanes? What little I’ve used of them, they are great.

  17. TFS, what’s wrong with them is it costs the same per lane-mile, or probably a bit more, and takes gas tax revenue from the rest of us.

    Or, take a look at 394 coming in from Minnetonka. You could easily get 2-3 more lanes in each direction–far more traffic capacity than the bus/HOV lanes provide–in that corridor and spend less money. We are talking a serious environmental debacle there.

  18. Thanks.

    They can’t widen 394 east of 100 can they?

    The other thing is they really messed up in the 70s voting down a north freeway around downtown. Terrible.

    No one thinks this crap through and we just pay massively with money and time.

  19. TFS, they could widen it if they got rid of the carpool lanes and bridges for that. OK, maybe not all the way downtown, but it could be done.

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