Open Letter To Radio Advertisers

To:  Radio Advertisers
From: Mitch Berg, uppity peasant
Re:  Bad Marketing

Dear Advertisers:

On the off chance I hear your ad at all, please note that I do tune out every word after the phrase “.,.one weird trick”.

That is all.


2 thoughts on “Open Letter To Radio Advertisers

  1. I don’t even want to go to the website to see the one weird trick that they must have to separate me from my money, in order to pay for these advertisements.

  2. Another thing I find amusing: when the website they give ends with a number (the most recent example I can remember hearing is for “The Biblical Money Code” – That’s moneycode, the number 12, dot com.

    And when you go to, it’s the exact same website.

    They’re checking for the ROI on various stations/networks.

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