The Many Lies Of “Protect” MN, Part XXV: Prevention!

Heather Martens (DFL 66A), on the line from fantasy-land:  “There is no history of [a citizen with a legally-carried firearm] being a meaningful deterrent or being able to stop an attack”.   (Star-Tribune, November 27, 2012).

Reality:  Man with carry permit thwarts armed robbers who’d pistol-whipped shopkeeper in Northeast Minneapolis:

Inside his neighborhood market, Mohamed S. Ahmed was screaming for help after a pair of armed robbers had left him bleeding.

They’d pistol-whipped him, pointed the gun at his face – and they weren’t done yet:

Outside the northeast Minneapolis store, two men pounded on the window, trying to get back into the University Market after Ahmed managed to lock them out.

“They seemed really agitated, super agitated,” said Matt Dosser, who was walking by about 9:30 p.m. Tuesday. At first, “nothing made sense, then I saw the gun.”

Dosser, who has a permit to carry a gun, reached for his own weapon.

One of the robbers “turned around and looked at me,” Dosser recalled. “He stared at me. I had my weapon up. I didn’t point the gun at the person. I had it at the ready, out of the holster.

The robbers scampered away like the cowardly pieces of demi-human garbage they are.

On Wednesday, police spokesman John Elder called Dosser’s actions “a noble thing. He acted honorably. Did this person possibly save [Ahmed’s] life? Absolutely.”

Why does Representative Heather Martens hate Arab grocery store workers?

UPDATE – And More Reality!:  Shelley Leeson sends another recent episode; an Uptown resident scares off a crowbar-wielding burglar. 

Why does Heather Martens hate construction workers and fathers?

4 thoughts on “The Many Lies Of “Protect” MN, Part XXV: Prevention!

  1. The thug(s) must have had a moment of clarity in that they didn’t point their guns at Dosser, likely he’d killed one or both if they had. It’s obvious Dosser demonstrated a high level of restraint, that’s what they teach in carry class.

  2. Perhaps Ms. Martens only counts the spilling of blood as “meaningful.” If a lawful gun owner/carrier has not killed or maimed her/his assailant they have not succeeded in the lawful defensive use of a gun … or have provided the anti’s with fodder they might be able to use against the lawful defender as in the case of Martin vs. Zimmermann.

    I’ve heard rumor of a young friend who accomplished the same, using the laser sight of his legally carried pistol to ward off three thugs who stalked, then confronted him on a dark Minneapolis street this fall. No shots were fired and the encounter did not result any loss by either side, so he allegedly chose not to bother the local authorities.

    I’ve no doubt that many such encounters occur throughout MN that are not reported for fear of repercussions from “the authorities” or no a loss-no foul end result.

    I didn’t know that Ms. Martens was so bloodthirsty.

  3. Joe, you are correct. The left does ignore deterrences where no people are hurt and no shots are fired.

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