Gun Control PR Fail

One of the tiny network of astroturf gun-grabber groups that’ve been trying to gut the Second Amendment in Minnesota is “Moms Demand Action”.   They are run by the rather overwrought-sounding Jane Kay.

So far, their main contribution to the anti-human-rights effort has been to make Heather Martens and “Protect” MN sound almost reasonable.  Oh, yeah – and generate Twitter spam for legislators.

Now, the Joyce Foundation has been spending big liberal-plutocrat bucks trying to get Minnesotans (outside of white, upper-middle-class Carlton grads in Crocus Hill and Kenwood) to take them seriously.

And so apparently they have a new PR angle – something to put a jaunty face on what had to be as humiliating a year for Moms Want Action as for all the rest of Minnesota’s anti-rights crowd.

Anyway – new branding!  They rolled it out last week!  Here it is!

From Rob D of GOCRA on Facebook:

When your group name already sounds like an x:rated website, circulating an image of a woman disrobing could be considered a marketing fail.

Right?  Like, do you need a credit card to use their website?

I worry sometimes that the anti-rights movement is floating people like Jane Kay and Heather Martens and groups like Moms Want Action! to lull pro-civil-rights Real Americans into a false sense of intellectual, rhetorical and political superiority.

Whether by design or not, I gotta admit – it’s working.

16 thoughts on “Gun Control PR Fail

  1. Swiftee,

    Nobody can accuse me of being a “look-ist”. So…


    …it’s pretty snowy out there.

  2. “Did they crib their action plan from Lysistrata?”

    To do that, they’d have to

    a) have men in their lives. I’ve seen these crones. Most do not.

    b) Have men in their lives that aren’t already omega males that would wet their pants at the sight of a firearm, and haven’t gotten any that didn’t involve their shrieking harridans putting a ball gag in their mouths since they met at Carlton.

    I’m not worried.

  3. There is something very creepy about presenting a mom as ripping open her shirt, and something even creepier about the fact that there is, despite the use of a model, absolutely nothing titillating about a picture of a woman ripping her shirt off. This is wrong on so many levels…..

  4. You guys are missing the point of the ad. It’s an empowerment image, like Superman shedding his meek Clark Kent identity to Fight For What’s Right, only this is Super Mom (not the nice lady who bakes goodies for the gas station, the other Super Mom, the harridan who berates you for being insensitive).

    Besides, you guys, thinking about tearing off women’s clothes and staring at their chests is typical Neanderthal male behavior, exactly what MDA is against. No wonder you don’t see how wonderful this ad campaign is.

  5. Moms Demand Action? Well, I am just the red-blooded American male to give it to them!

  6. Come to Minnesota and help ’em out, Powhatan!

    Me, I’ll pass. And I’m sure that Joe is right, and no double entendre was intended in the marketing campaign. Who would dare accuse Madison Avenue of using sex to sell a product?

  7. We’re assuming that the person in the partial photograph is actually a woman. That is, a woman who was born with the correct parts for the job and with a willingness to share them with her gender opposite.

    I suspect that we will soon hear about how worse the shooting would have been had the monster used a truly dangerous “black gun” instead of following
    Joe Biden’s sage advice on weaponry and weapon selection.

    I share Mr. Doaks’ opinion that the photo is more about “Superman” than it is intended to have a sexual connection. In this case, “there’s nothing to see here …”.

  8. No, I get it – it’s supposed to be a Superman reference (with a very badly-designed T-shirt underneat – cramming the entire printed area into six inches below the neck).

    But I’m gonna mock it anyway.

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