“Moms Want Action”: The Assault Spam Generator!

We’ve written before about “Moms Demand Action”, the gun-grabber astroturf group financed entirely by liberals with deep pockets, and “run” (and, I suspect, almost solely inhabited) by Jane Kay, a woman whose hatred of the law-abiding firearms owner is so toxic as to frankly make me worry about her well-being.

Jane Kay (l) with Rep. Heather Martens (DFL – 67A) and Rep. Michael Paymar, at last spring’s gun grab hearings.

Mama Jane has a website, now.  And through the miracle of Web 1.0 technology, it gives the Moms and the group’s “member” their sympathizer or two the ability to put lies, long-debunked research and bobbleheaded long-discredited scare stories out in front of Congresspeople via Twitter in bulk loads.  Sort of the “Ugly Black Gun” of Twitter interfaces, designed to spit out untruths as fast as a group of orcs can click.

Or to put it in IT terms, a Spam Generator.

They’re using the #gunsense, #Savethe9 and of course #momsdemandaction tags.

If #MomsDemandAction had more than a few members, it’d be fun to jack the hashtags.

But of course, the point of groups like Moms Demand Action and “Protect Minnesota” isn’t getting members, or even producing social media.  It’s getting the compliant media (like the MinnPost, which is sponsored by the same groups that sponsor both of the gun grab groups) to present them as if they’re real groups, to gull the gullible into believing that there is an organized, organic gun-grab movement.

There isn’t.  But you’ll never hear it from Doug Grow.

7 thoughts on ““Moms Want Action”: The Assault Spam Generator!

  1. Whose fault is it that young, urban black kids are shooting and killing one another?
    White guys. White guys in the suburbs.

  2. Do either of these two “moms” actually have children? Real, human kids that is, not cats with people names that they dress-up in scaled-down clothing and write about in Christmas letters?

    If so, it would be interesting to see what kids raised “properly” are like in real life. Or, from the looks of their photos, what they’ve grown into. This is not meant to bash their kids, real or imaginary. Rather, I suspect that their kids would be prototypes of what they think we should all be.

    Have the ladies been at this stuff for a while, or is this just something to replace van-driving to soccer practice and school fun raising activites until the grandkids come along? I can speak with authority about the impact of these lifestyle transitions. Perhaps this is just a passing phase …

  3. I know that Martens does, because they figure prominently in a story that illustrates “Protect MN” perfectly.

    Heather threw a meeting of “Citizens for a “Safer” Supine Minnesota”, the predecessor of Protect MN, a few years back, at a local diner (if memory serves). This was not long after she’d written an op-ed claiming that armed law-abiding citizens were a clear, present danger to her children.

    She brought her daughter to the meeting – which was attended by (as I recall the story) a half-dozen Second Amendment activists and not a single gun-grabber.

    Heather ran the meeting in a room full of gunnies, apparently unafraid for her daughter’s safety.

    Having read Jane Kay, I can’t imagine she’d allow herself to be seen in the same room as a bunch of gunnies. She hates us.

  4. A few weeks ago my local paper contained an editorial blaming the ump-teenth failure to enact even more federal gun control legislation on the NRA.
    Next to it was a political cartoon depicting the GOP as Don Quixote, tilting at a windmill named ‘Obamacare’.
    Only a liberal could fail to see the irony in the juxtaposition.

  5. I wish I were Morally Superior enough to confidently take away other people’s liberties. How do you get that gig?


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