The Many Lies of “Protect” MN, Part XXIV: “No Precedent!”

I almost missed this one in the scrum of this past few weeks.

A couple of weeks ago, when Representatives Paymar and Martens tried to jam down a ban on law-abiding citizens carrying their legally-permitted firearms in the Capitol complex, the Strib’s Abby Simons wrote the paper’s follow-up piece.

It ended with a quote from Representative Martens; like most of Martens’ statements, it reeks of crap from rhetorical stem to stern.  But I’ll emphasize the part I want to focus on today:

Heather Martens, executive director [Ha ha ha! – Ed.] of Protect Minnesota, an organization geared toward ending gun violence [Ha ha ha! – Ed.] and an advocate for the ban, said the intimidation happens when a loaded firearm is worn openly, as it was earlier this year during a hearing.

There is no history of someone like that being a meaningful deterrent or being able to stop an attack,” she said.

If you read this blog,  you are smarter than that. 

John Lott showed how “someone like that” – multiplied by millions – have deterred hundreds of thousands of crimes in shall-issue states, as compared with discretionary or non-issue states (back when there were more of both). 

As to stopping those attacks?  Well, we’ve been through this before.  Here’s a partial list of attacks stopped by law-abiding, non-police, private citizens with legal firearms:

If Heather Martens – or any of her supporters and employees – are talking, the rule of thumb is “assume they’re lying”.  Because they are.

7 thoughts on “The Many Lies of “Protect” MN, Part XXIV: “No Precedent!”

  1. For fun, I like to check in on the Madison’s Wisc State Journal to see what the Madison whackos are up to. Wisc 2nd amendment rights group is suing to stop the CC ban on Madison buses. It is fun to read the comments posted on the article. Several lefties said they will not ride the bus anymore if this goes through, as there will be shootouts on the buses. They sound like those from Minnesota who said, right before we got CC, that there will be shootouts at the state fair and at Twins games.

  2. The law school shooting. A student went out to his car to get his legal handgun, pointed it at the shooter, who then gave up. After he put his hands up due to the handgun being pointed at him, the shooter was then tackled.
    How did MSM report the ending? “The shooting stopped when another student tackled him”.

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