The Tale Of VT

Two of the gun-grabbers’ favorite conceits:

  • It’s guns – not criminals – that make the “inner city” dangerous (this pronounced always by unctuous white liberals like Jane Kay and Representative Heather Martens, who live in places like Linden Hills and Crocus Hill after doing their stint at Carlton or Saint Thomas)
  • Nobody ever foils a crime with a gun

Both lefty memes were, um, shot full of holes earlier this week:

The victim of an attempted robbery in St. Paul took action when one of the robbers pointed a gun at him, firing his own gun and wounding one of the robbers.

No, it’s not Mario Van Peebles gone terribly to seed. It’s Michael Galloway, alleged accomplice to robbery. Photo courtesy of the Saint Paul Pioneer Press.

One of the robbers [Marcel Lee Galloway] simultaneously fired in the direction of the victim, who was not hurt, according to a criminal complaint filed Tuesday.

Galloway was hit in the leg.

Yep – it was justified.  And in John Choi’s Saint Paul, you gotta figure the County Attorney’s office did its darnedest to prove it wasn’t.

The article relates that two men – listed as “VT” and “TG” – got off work in downtown Minneapolis, where they work as bar bouncers.  They drove to a check-casheria on University at Lexington, by the White Castle, around 3AM to cash their checks:

VT, who is 31, saw two males approaching them as he walked to the passenger side of the car and heard the sound of a gun racking a round. A man in a baseball cap, later identified as Galloway, pointed a gun at VT and told him not to move. VT told TG, who is 26, not to move because he feared they would be shot if they did.

The two scumbags lifted TG’s money.  VT hid his wallet before they could get to him.  The robbers frisked him, and found nothing – which has been known to make robbers upset.  I add a bit of emphasis:

“VT was afraid that he and TG were going to be shot” and reached under the passenger seat to grab his SIG Sauer P250 .45-caliber handgun, which he has a permit to carry, the complaint said. “VT feared the two men didn’t believe him when he said he didn’t have any money, and he was afraid they might come back.”

A SIG/Sauer P250 in .45.   Relatively inexpensive, reliable as the rising sun (like all SIG products), and – most importantly of all – at the scene.

The robbers crossed into a Dairy Queen parking lot and the man in the stocking cap raised his handgun and pointed it toward TG and VT.

VT then fired at the robbers, the complaint said, and the man in the stocking cap simultaneously fired once in VT’s direction. VT fired five times and his second shot struck Galloway.

The gunman ran off.  The police caught Galloway.

A couple of bets to place, here:

  • The ninnies at “Protect”MN will list this as an example of “inner city gun violence” – even though it was self-defense.  Just watch.
  • “VT” will turn out to be African-American, Latino or Asian.  And yes, there are Asian bouncers.

Any action on that bet?

By the way – while it wasn’t a “homicide” (Calloway will live) this is yet another defensive gun use carried out by Minnesota’s 160,000-odd carry permit holders.

10 thoughts on “The Tale Of VT

  1. 3:00 AM, tired after getting off work, dark-skinned robber unlikely to be wearing blaze orange clothes, poor lighting, moving target maybe 10 yards away is Shooting Back At You, legitimate fear of imminent death is pumping adrenaline into your system – and you still hit him 20% of the time?

    That’s damned good shooting, VT. There are plenty of people who can’t shoot that well . . . including one cop in Merriam Park over the weekend.

    Bravo, man.

  2. That’s two bouncers that’ve managed valid defensive gun uses under extreme stress in the past ten years.

    I’m starting to think my time as a nightclub DJ wasn’t entirely wasted.

  3. He joins the 75-year-old Pine County man, a terminal cancer patient, as Minnesotans who refused to be victims this month. They both exercised their freedom to keep from being shot. Wasn’t that one of Heather Martens’ mantras? She should be proud of them.

  4. A couple of summers ago the Uptown area was plagued with a series of “smack and grab” robberies where a couple of folks were even pistol-whipped. The problem dried up when the bad guys tried to hit a retired Marine with a CCW putting his groceries in his car. Both the baddies ended up in jail, one by way of the hospital, IIRC.

  5. Ah, Sig Sauer…the pistol that set the standard by which all other combat handguns are measured!

  6. Could we have a whip-round to finance a bit more range time for VT? That is some piss-poor shooting.

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