Doomed To Fail

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Bankers were seriously panicked over the last shut-down, fearing government might actually stop paying welfare.  Bankers were willing to fund the welfare system while Democrats kept ratcheting up the hysteria to force the Narrative on the public.  How much of the bankers’ war-gaming was spent lobbying Republicans to turn the spigot back on?

Like the illegal drug business, banking is so immensely profitable that there is nearly no way to take them down from the outside.

And what happens in January, when the short-term-agreement ends?

For Christmas, all my kids are getting bricks.  Of .22’s.

Joe Doakes

This country does need a serious realignment.  Of course, every splinter party and every faction thinks the same thing. The problem is making sure the right splinter or faction drives that realignment.

Also – Joe, you’ve actually found .22LR?

7 thoughts on “Doomed To Fail

  1. HEY RICK__DFL google “William K. Black (Keynesian liberal). Obama is CLEARLY Wall Street’s bitch.

  2. cheaper than dirt $99.59 for 500 round bricks – yes expensive!

    That’s not expensive. That’s rape!

  3. Bush was a keynesian (yes, tax cuts and deficit spending are both keynesian stimuli). Obama fits into no known school of economics, he’s making it up as he goes along.

  4. “Obama fits into no known school of economics, he’s making it up as he goes along.”

    in the words of M Berg:
    “a crack whore with a stolen credit card”

  5. Most local gun shows have no shortage of .22 LR. Containers of 500, 555, etc. seem to be selling for about $50 – $60.

    As Whoopie would say, “That’s not really rape-rape.” Perhaps second degree without penetration.

    At the last show a dealer friend told me that Remington is starting up another ammo plant in South Carolina that will be dedicated to .22 LR, or I suppose only rimfire. They specifically chose to build new over expanding in Ilion NY, their traditional location, for political as well as business reasons. I’d think it would be more advantageous to expand rather than start fresh, so I hope the political aspect was the prime mover. It’s awfully hard to use-up a brick of .22 LR five rounds at a time …

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