Frequently Asked Questions XI

Are “Avery Librelle” and “Moonbeam Birkenstock” guys or girls?:  Isn’t it perfectly obvious?  I think that’s pretty clearly answered here.  Or at least I think so.

You only attack the left?  Why don’t you go after the miscreants on the right?  Especially in the GOP?:  That’s a fair cop, sort of.  Partly because we have a state full of media, “progressive” groups, “watchdog” non-profits and bloggers (pardon the serial redundancy) who already watch the right.   I’m adding balance in my homespun little way.  And partly because I generally agree with the right.  Because I’m a conservative!

And I attack the left more than the right because I reasonably believe that “the right” – conservatism – is a generally better, more valid, more noble idea than the “progressivism” of “the left”.  And “the left” is currently on the ascendant in this state and the US.

You will note – if accuracy is what you seek, and I’m just sure it is – that the most-viewed post in the history of this blog is entitled “Note to Bill Frist:  You Suck“.

You know who Bill Frist was.  Right?

So that means you’re biased!:  Well, duh.  I am, and I make no bones about it.  Although another part is this; I don’t do much “reporting” on whatever’s going on in the GOP’s bureaucracy because, frankly, the subject – bureaucracy – bores me.  You’ll note I rarely write about the inner workings of the DFL, either, and when I do, it’s usually to link to someone else’s writing.

Covering bureaucracies is like watching paint dry, or watching writers from the oldMinnesota Independenttrying to meet people at bars; it’s slow, nothing much happens, and it’s pretty predictable.

Conservatism is dead.  Millennials are deserting the GOP.  It’s time to update your approach:  That’s not a question.  But it brings up two questions.

First:  Since when have people under thirty ever been Republicans or conservatives?    Good lord, I’m almost as sick of hearing society has to jump to the wishes of “Millennials” as I am about Baby Boomers.

Second:  Why?  One of conservatism’s beliefs is that new ideas face a fairly stern burden of proof.  Which isn’t sexy for, say, marketers to try to sell, and it’s not something “young people” are disposed to believe, but it’s true.   So put your “new” ideas out there, and let’s debate!  The kicker is, ideas in the world of society and politics are like pop music; there really are no new ideas.  They’ve all been around for a while, and most of them are untried for a reason.  Which isn’t to say that something new, or a new take on something old, isn’t possible; it’s just that you need to make the sale.

Can you make the sale?

There is no difference between Republicans and Democrats!:  Again, mostly statements, not really questions, here.  But if that were true, wouldn’t at least one Republican have voted for Obamcare? 

So what about your various stalkers?:  Oh, them?  One of them has been pretty tame for a while here, as far as I can tell.  The other – well, I’ve been ignoring him for over a year and a half.  I think he misses the attention – he’s reportedly gone quite over the edge recently but – here’s the kicker – I wouldn’t know.  I read “his” material less than I read the Strib

Who do you support for Governor and Senator?:  I’m starting to develop some preferences.  But I’d never talk about ’em publicly. 

Part of it is that I genuinely don’t have my mind made up completely, and all the candidates have a lot more questions to answer – some of the, many many many more. 

And part of it is that if I did come out and express a preference now, five months before the convention, it’d be kinda hell on bookings for the show, now, wouldn’t it?

Keep ’em coming!

4 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions XI

  1. Re: Millennials
    I find people leaving school today (I’m in my 40s) tend to communicate well verbally and with great self-confidence. They are willing and able to speak up and present their views on a number of subjects to their elders, and even their writing skills, while mixed, are adequate for the kind of email and short notes that are typically necessary in the work place. In short, this generation is ready to change the world.

    What is utterly lacking is any actual knowledge of the world they are in and the world that came before them. They will speak at length on technical subjects like global warming but their knowledge of the science behind the subject is pitiful. They will speak with seeming authority on current political figures, and on the needs of peoples around the world, but upon probing, their knowledge of even fairly recent political history is non-existent, and their ability to even locate on a map the location of this week’s put–upon poor nation is sadly missing, much less a knowledge of the geography of the nation or an understanding of how it arrived at this point in history.

    A glib, self-empowered recent graduate without the grounding of facts and general knowledge necessary to guide his or her energy is a dangerous thing. That is the graduate produced by today’s educational system.

  2. Seems to me that we have placed far to much emphasis on self esteem, diversity, and sexual orientation, while placing far to little on subjects like Math, History, Science and language arts.

    I am helping a college student with her required math course and I am continually horrified by her inability to convert a fraction to a decimal or figure out a simple word problem.

    We are graduating kids that can barely add and subtract if they are even aware of which one they have to do. However, they feel good about themselves.

  3. You wrote: “But if that were true, wouldn’t at least one Republican have voted for Obamcare?”

    Every Republican in the House and Senate who voted for the last Continuing Resolution voted for Obamacare, because it was funded.

  4. Every Republican in the House and Senate who voted for the last Continuing Resolution voted for Obamacare, because it was funded

    Along with every other thing in the government.

    Don’t get me wrong; I’d have loved to have seen it defunded. But it wasn’t solely about OCare.

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