As Far As We Can Throw Them

“Obama doesn’t support the “Fairness” Doctrine” is the standard response from lefties when asked about Barack Obama’s putative fascist tendencies.

Of course, it’s really not about him. It’s his caucus in Congress that’ll be the problem, that’ll push legislation to extinct conservative talk radio, and that Obama will (very likely) not veto after they ram their legislation through.

More proof? Brian Maloney finds another Tic that is committing a “gaffe” by telling the truth:

Now, we can add another Dem’s name to the list: far-left Representative Anna Eshoo (D-CA), who represents an oddly-shaped district covering portions of the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas.

Not content to merely silence Rush Limbaugh, however, Eshoo would take her crusade to cable and satellite broadcasts as well. Could they shut down the Fox News Channel as well as commercial talk radio? How about XM – Sirius?

Anna Hush-You would tackle them all in a way that would make Vladimir, Hugo and Fidel proud, not to mention her new friend in the White House.

When it comes to the “Fairness” Doctrine, liberals are like a two-headed pit bull; Head #1 might talk you into scritching its ears – but only to give Head #2 cover to chomp onto your butt. When it comes to fighting the “culture war” in this country, there is no such thing as an honest liberal.

3 thoughts on “As Far As We Can Throw Them

  1. Q: Will the witness answer the question? Are you now or have you ever been a conservative? Uh, er, a conservative talk show host?
    A: Have you no shame Ma’am? At long last Representative Eshoo, have you no shame?
    Start practicing. What with NBC putting Leno on in prime time five nights a week, the schedule is wide open these days. The reality shows next year may well be show trials put on by the Tics.
    Hey, there’s an idea, “It’s ‘The Nightly Show Trial Show’ presented by the The Democratic Party and brought to you by the good folks at Trial Lawyers of America, the Union you were coerced to join and by GM; Government Motors says try the Yugo II, Pelosi Edition, it runs nearly 30% of the time now!!”
    No, seriously, start practicing.

  2. “the Yugo II, Pelosi Edition, it runs nearly 30% of the time now!!”

    Perfect, think of the energy savings. And once the alternative opinion (read truth) is silenced they’ll be able make unfettered claims of the “progress and change” they’ve provided for us lowly minions.

    Fire up the tar pots!! Gather the feathers!! There’s work that will need to be done.

  3. Anyone here see the Bill Moyers journal piece back in September, Radio Rage? It is about shock jock radio, specifically conservative talk radio that incites violence against liberals. If you missed it, there are podcast versions, a video archive and transcript available on the journal website. If you take the time to check it out, I strongly suggest if you can that you see the video version. Without the video clips, a lot is lost.

    I think it is relatively unlikely that there will be a revival of the Fairness doctrine any time soon, but I for one would be delighted to see an update of the 2005 Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act of 2005 to penalize those who incite their listeners / viewers to commit violent criminal acts.

    This seems to me to be far more serious than use of the F word (or any of those other terms made famous by the late George Carlin), and meriting fines and other penalties. If some kind of penalty were instituted, I’d like to see anyone regardless of political or other views, fined, and if it continued after fines, to see them lose their broadcasting licenses and access. It is consistent with PICON (public interest, convenience or necessity for those unfamiliar with the acronym) to regulate this kind of speech, particularly consistent with defending against terrorism, particularly domestic varieties. If the persons or groups inciting this kind of violence are linked to the occurrence of a crime resulting from their inciting broadcasts, as is the case in the instance profiled in radio rage, I think they should also be held responsible.

    While the Moyers piece featured conservative talk figures, I’m less willing to accept that this is entirely unique to the conservative view point. However to the extent that it IS prracticed by those who so adamantly identify themselves as spokespersons for the conservative position, it would seem to me a good idea for those who don’t appreciate their efforts at violence to invite them to ‘get off my side’ as a discrediting influence that harms the conservative positions.

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