Dismal Foreground, Dismal Background

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Governor Dayton says George Zimmerman “went way beyond” what was necessary in the Trayvon situation and thus, Stand Your Ground laws are bad. Aside from Stand Your Ground having nothing to do with that case, specifically Governor, what did George Zimmerman do that was “way beyond?”

Was it when he joined the Neighborhood Watch, was that “way beyond” what was necessary? People shouldn’t join Neighborhood Watch?

When he called 911 upon seeing a person acting suspiciously? People shouldn’t call 911?

Getting out of his car to better direct law enforcement to where the suspect was hiding, was that “way beyond?” People shouldn’t help police?

Returning to his car when the dispatcher told him “we don’t need you to do that,” was that “way beyond?” People shouldn’t obey police?

Failing to run away when Trayvon confronted him, asking Trayvon what he was up to – was that “way beyond?”

Everybody – even Trayvon’s girlfriend on the phone – agrees Trayvon threw the first punch that broke Zimmerman’s nose. Was that Zimmerman’s mistake – allowing his nose to be broken, was that going “way beyond?”

Everybody – including the prosecution, at the end – conceded Trayvon was sitting on Zimmerman’s chest, holding him down so he couldn’t get away and banging his head on the cement sidewalk. Was that when Zimmerman went “way beyond,” leaving all that blood lying around?

All six jurors agreed that Zimmerman truly believed Trayvon was going to kill him. Was forming that belief, going “way beyond?”

Shooting Trayvon to save his own life – was that going “way beyond?” At that instant, what should Zimmerman have done, instead?

I’m willing to give up my pistol permit and throw my pistol in the lake – if the Governor can explain to me what Zimmerman SHOULD have done differently to achieve the same outcome. So far, not hearing any good explanations.

That’s the problem with trying to talk Second Amendment issues with liberals; so many of them pretend to be lawyers on the issue, and yet know nothing about the subject.

Even the lawyers

Even the prosecutors.

13 thoughts on “Dismal Foreground, Dismal Background

  1. MNbubba:

    I think your dog will be awarded a nobel prize before anything that Dayton says makes sense.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  2. Joe:

    I realize that you’re jumping on Dayton’s comment, but the biggest thing we have to jump on is if Trayvon Martin had called 9-11 he wouldn’t have needed to confront George Zimmerman and he will still be alive.

    We also know that if Trayvon Martin had just gone home which is where he was heading he will still be alive.

    You highlighted quite well that George Zimmerman once Trayvon Martin showed up and attacked him he had no choices.

    Trayvon Martin had at least two choices which showed he went “Way beyond” what he would’ve should’ve done in the wrong way!

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  3. When Gov. JimBeam was Senator JimBeam (one Time magazine’s 10 worst Senators in history), he closed his DC office and went screaming into seclusion like a little girl in fear of a terrorist threat that existed only in his wet brain.

    You really want to make that bet, Mitch?

  4. I agree. Zimmerman was doing what many crime prevention entities ask of citizens. While they naturally do not encourage active involvement, keeping the suspected offender under observation is far more appreciated than not.

    Plus, the observer is also a primary witness and is providing law enforcement the initial justification, probable cause, or reason to make contact with the suspect and investigate further. Aside from being a valuable prosecutorial tool, the caller’s justifications are also quite valuable if the call goes wrong and the cop(s) need to prove that they were acting in good faith based on the observations of a known person, not on some personal bias, preconception, or (naturally) racism.

    I’ve heard too many variations of what Zimmerman supposedly did during the interaction to make a truly informed personal determination of facts. However, I don’t think Mr. Zimmerman’s actions were too far beyond what commonly happens and usually works out well, or at least without problems.

    I also find the “victim blaming” directed at Zimmerman by the usual suspects quite amusing and hypocritical. Try using that tactic with a victim of sexual assault or domestic violence and see who speaks up in support of your statement …

    Perhaps the governor is taking issue with the fact that Mr. Zimmerman was laying on his ground and not standing on it when the shot was fired. Hence Zimmerman is clearly stretching the law which he invalidated by not staying on his feet. Just a thought …

  5. Perhaps the governor of Florida can condemn Dayton’s unionized home daycare thing.

  6. Walter,

    MNBubba’s dog receiving that award will be about as valid of a recipient as a couple of other recent winners in the last few decades.

    Triumph the insult comic dog has never been more appropriate.

  7. I’m just hoping that Zimmerman’s lawyers are as good as the cross examination of Jeantel indicates, in which case Zimmerman will be well provided for for life, and Angela Corey and her cast of characters will be in jail. Nobody who does that bad a job of dealing with evidence should be a prosecutor.

  8. Peni, when’s the DFL gonna lobby for Kermit Gosnell’s birthday to be a bank and union thug holiday?

    Go fuck yourself, m’kay?

  9. Expand gun rights, make abortion more restrictive and mandate Transvaginal Ultrasounds with legislation. That should help the MN GOP with it’s out reach towards women. You’re a helper Tom.

  10. Emery’s idea might work if we tinkered with it a bit. No expanded gun rights, but police departments now will have a duty to protect citizens from criminals and, if they fail to perform that duty, will be civilly liable for injuries resulting from crimes they failed to prevent. The trial lawyers should love it.

    Yes, it’s going to be expensive for the government. But those injuries are already expensive and they’re being borne by individuals. The whole idea behind Liberalism is cost-shifting from individuals to society.

    Good idea, Emery, I like it.

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