#Still So Focused

“Kluwe’s tactics are the epitome of his generation – foul-mouthed personal attacks against anyone who disagrees. Pro-lockout players are “douchebags” who stand for “pretty much the definition of greed.” His opponents are “a**hole f**kwits”, which also suggests he’s a plagiarist since I’m sure he stole that from Oscar Wilde.” – SITD, May 6th


“plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose” — “the more it changes, the more it’s the same thing” – novelist Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr

Stay classy, Mr. Kluwe.

6 thoughts on “#Still So Focused

  1. If you look at his book (please don’t buy it), you’ll see what a vicious anti-Catholic bigot he is. But then that is fashionable in Minneapolis.

    If I want to read incoherent babbling of an anti-religion bigot, I’ll go with Mein Kampf. At least the little corporal didn’t use so much profanity.

  2. His ability to launch a football from his foot has nothing to do with his reasoning ability. Which, in our culture, means he’s a media superstar.

  3. OK, so instead of going to the STD capital of MN–we are to presume he’d be trying to get some while he was there and help spread them around I guess–he’s so much happier to be across the Golden Gate from the HIV capital of the nation?

    It reminds me of when the Cubbies were playing the Giants for the pennant, and some dimwit writer in San Francisco insulted Chicago by calling it the “land of broad shoulders and broad butts.” Mike Royko of the Tribune (back when it was worth reading) noted that butts wasn’t the subject he’d broach if he were a San Franciscan, but whatever.

    If only the Cubbies had been able to smack as many out of the park as Royko did in that column….

  4. Obviously, as a man of SCIENCE! Kluwe has a study he is citing in noting that Mankato is the “STD capitol of MN”. I’ll even give him the benefit of the doubt and say he is referring to the Mankato “Metro” of Blue Earth County, as a likely petri dish of the clap, ‘gong-ga-re-a’ and other bugs that make it hurt to piss.
    Well let’s see – according to this:
    Blue Earth is in the Top 4. Unfortunately, for “Man of Science” @ChrisWarcraft, it appears the ‘capitol’ of STD’s in MN is in fact the county with the State Capitol in it, Ramsey. And Hennepin & Beltrami? You’re gonna have to try harder.
    Give him this much, Napa does in fact have less incidence of STD’s than Blue Earth.
    Maybe after Chris gets there it will change?

  5. His twitter handle refers to a video game popular with 16 year old boys. I think that tells you everything you need to know about him, and the dimwits that idolize him.

  6. Darn that auto-correct. I’m sure Kluwwe actually typed “the SiTD capital of MN.” He’s happy to be going to Napa where he won’t experience the level of cognitive dissonance he experienced here from Shot in the Dark.

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