The Game-Changer

After eight years in office, Michele Bachmann is retiring from Congress:

A few questions for the audience:

Who Is Emanuelle Goldstein?: Extremists like the MNDFL has become need enemies.  The Minnesota Left will need to invent a new bete noir, someone on which to focus all their  insecurity and hatred, to keep them motivated.  Bachmann has served this role for over a decade and a half, between her Congressional, State Senate and educational organizing careers.  Bachmann bedeviled the local left by seeming to thrive on their hatred, turning it back on them with a wink and a smile and a dismissive quip.  So who does the MNDFL’s depraved, insane fringe pick as their new Demon?

Next?:  The Sixth is one of the few districts in the state with a deep bench of solid, polished GOP contenders.  Who should run to replace Michele?

Dead Air?:  With Michele Bachmann out of public life, what will Jack Tomczak talk about?

(I’m a kidder.  I kid.  I love Jack and Ben’s show.  But still…)

Tarry Not:   Does Tarryl Clark already have her U-Haul loaded up, or what?

11 thoughts on “The Game-Changer

  1. The fear that Bachmann seems to have struck in the hearts of various liberal entities was obvious by all the time they spent trying to demonize her. Of course Jim Graves is thumping his chest now. He reminds me of the old off-color joke about the flea and the elephant …

    While I am disappointed to see her leave, I cannot blame her; it’s probably one of the most logical, rational political decisions I’ve seen in a long time.

    I believe that she is strong enough to weather the attacks but they must have taken a terrible toll on her family. The cowardly attack by the homosexual group who vandalized her husband’s psychological practice and terrorized the ladies in the office would have been my last straw.

    I think Rikkor raises an interesting question. Think that Stuart Smalley was happy to hear the news?

  2. Will Jim Graves raise any out of State money this time around? Or will he continue to run against Bachmann?

  3. Joe, I have not heard that. I know it gets old saying this, but imagine if the rolls were reversed. That a group of Republicans attacked a Muslim site tied to Keith Ellison.

    Or the Democrat Stalker who actually advertised that he will drive people around to show were she lives, her husband works, schools, etc.

  4. I think she isn’t running for the Senate. If she had she would’ve announced it at the same time.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  5. Chuck …

    On July 11, 2011 a group of homosexual activists dressed as “barbarians” showed up at Mr. Bachmann’s MN office to protest his practicing reparative therapy, a psychological procedure which purports to “convert” homosexuals to heterosexuals. It’s a controversial procedure which, like much psychological theory, is unproved (and possibly unprovable). None the less, it is only practiced with the consent of those who seek such therapy after being made aware of the risks and benefits.

    The barbarian costumes related to comments Mr. Bachmann made previously about the procedure. Upon arrival, they “glitter bombed” the office, chanted their beliefs, and (in my opinion) frightened the female office staff. I don’t believe Mr. Bachmann was present. I’m sure “Glee” fans, soccer moms, and other tolerant progressives found the scene delightful, darling, and empowering.

    It can be seen by doing a word search on your favorite (non-Google please) search engine. Those involved seemed quite proud of themselves. I doubt if the janitor who had to clean up the mess shared the sentiment …

    FYI …

  6. My only question would be; what happened during the time between starting the “Re-elect Bachmann” ad campaign (two weeks ago) and early this morning?

  7. The left wing nut media is having a field day with this. The Daily Beast article and subsequent comments were especially vitriolic. You know, from all of those tolerant and freedom of speech loving liberals. I’m wondering if she sees an opportunity to take out Gov. Jim Beam Messenger and that’s her goal?

  8. Announcing victory in a fight you’re running away from is hollow, even by Congressional standards.

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