Chagrin And Bear It

With the news that Molly “Is It White In Here” Priesmeyer has become a victim of budget cuts at the Minnesoros “Independent”, it’s time to step back for a moment for a brief perspective check.

Did she use obnoxious Gen-X colloquiety to mask wafer-thin understanding of complex issues and history?  Sure. 

But even on her worst day, she was better than the person who seems to have replaced her on the facile stereotype beat at her alma mater, the City Pages, one Emily Kaiser, whose combination of gutlessness and middle-school-level writing chops (as in this recent hatchet job on Michele Bachmann) actually…

…I can’t believe I’m saying this…

…make me miss Molly.

Come back, Molly.  All is forgiven Hope you land a gig soon, Ms. Priesmeyer.  A rising tide lifts all boats; likewise, three inches of brackish runoff covers the algae-sodden mud.

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