If A Plane Full Of Terrorists…

…had crashed into the green room at Orchestra Hall last night, it could have had a sweeping effect on Minnesota conservatism.

At one point, I was sitting with Senator Coleman, Governor Pawlenty, Representative Bachmann, candidates Erik Paulsen (who will be a guest on the NARN this weekend), Barb Davis-White and Ed Matthews, Hugh Hewitt, Michael Medved, Dennis Prager and James Lileks, talking about the campaign locally and nationwide.

Not sure if anyone from the Strib covered “Talk The Vote” – Salem Radio’s cavalcade of stars touring battleground states nationwide to whip up conservative support – but if they had, they’d have found plenty of conservative support, er, whipped up.  Bear in mind, the Patriot’s been pleasantly surprised by turnout at these events before; the “Patriot Picnic” in 2004 drew hundreds more than we’d planned on, and our fabled Final Debate Party in 2004 attracted 700 to the Minneapolis Hilton – not bad, considering we’d had 100 RSVPs and it was a night every bit as cold and miserable as last Sunday was. 

Bear in mind also that this even was announced perhaps ten days ago, to an audience that largely has businesses and jobs and families and responsibilities.  The Patriot’s promotions department had figured maybe we’d fill up the floor level seats.

We filled every seat in the place; the floor and all three tiers of balconies.  There were people standing in the halls and the lobby, the last I checked.  And the crowd?

No lack of energy there.  Sorry, Sorosphere; after weeks of declaring the election already won, it’s just not sinking in with all of us plumbers and hockey moms.  Suffice to say that even if Mac loses, 2010 is going to make 1994 look like a Camp Wellstone sing-along.

The speakers?  Look – there are not three people anywhere in talk radio that can work a friendly room like Hugh, Michael and Dennis.  Especially Prager; you’d never know it from his fairly laid-back radio show, but in front of a room, the guy is like a nuclear reactor with the regulator rods pulled out; he gets the crowd stoked, and as the crowd’s energy picks up, so does his; I’ve never seen him speak from any kind of notes at all, so the whole world is his speech, and eventually he covers the whole world, getting more and more animated as he goes, stopping just short of pounding his shoe on the lectern.  An amazing performance, even allowing for the tactical flub of attacking Sweden at a stop in Minneapolis.

Me?  I’m feeling a lot better about this next week, and the next two years. 

11 thoughts on “If A Plane Full Of Terrorists…

  1. Mitch lied: “Bear in mind also that this even was announced perhaps ten days ago, to an audience that largely has businesses and jobs and families and responsibilities.”

    Sure, cause that’s really the backbone of right-wing talk radio. Not pissed off old white guys on disability.

    Any of those Joe Hockey Plumbers ask whether Obama’s an “A-rab” or suggest he be killed?

  2. I was there as well. Talked my wife into going on our anniversity. ( I am sure I will pay later, but it was worth it) It was a great event. Thumbs up to the Patriot and all others involved in putting this together.

  3. “Not pissed off old white guys on disability.”
    Those guys vote democrat. Except for McCain.

  4. AC your invocation of racist stereotypes is appalling, and not funny. You have done yourself ill, not those you are mocking. An ape throwing feces may dirty the person he is attacking. They can wash, the ape remains a subhuman.

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  6. Mitch supposed: “If a plane full of terrorists…
    …had crashed into the green room at Orchestra Hall last night”

    No offense, but I think you’d be lucky to rate an exploding donkey cart. Say what you want about them, but at Al Qaeda has standards.

  7. I think your mischaracterizing Ayers, Mr. Shirt. He’s more the type to incite others while he avoids any danger himself. Rich white guy privilege, don’cha know.

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