Adam Carolla on the effects of welfare on its recipients:

Sorry to post Bill O’Reilly, but it’s where the quotes are:

O’REILLY: Did she ever discuss that with you? What was her attitude about getting the assistance from other people?

CAROLLA: Her attitude was, one day when I said to her from the mouth of babes, I just said: Mom, why don’t you just get a job and then we wouldn’t have to do all this. And she said, if I get a job, I’ll lose my welfare. And, she really should have just handed me a pack of cigarettes at that point, because it’s probably the worst thing you could do to a nine year old.

But I learned, at that point, that this is valuable. I don’t have the white privilege guilt that many other people in the media have. I understand what it’s like to be on the dole. And it doesn’t make these people any stronger. You hobble these people; you take away the one thing they have, which is dignity, and the ability to pull them out of this mire. And they can’t because you’ve atrophied their muscles by doing everything for them.

So here’s my question:  in the unlikely event Lefties accept Carolla’s statement (as opposed to excoriating and symbolically excommunicating him from the lefty communion), will those same people apologize to Mary Franson, who said essentially exactly the same thing last year?

Just curious.

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  1. It’s what I’ve been saying for years, and from the same perspective as Corolla…except my mom did go get a job after we were old enough to care for ourselves.

    The utterly humiliating experience of presenting food stamps at the checkout line was, in many ways, the most valuable lesson I learned as a child….of course the lefties have removed it from the equation with EBT cards made to look like VISA cards. (Not that most takers even know what shame is anymore.)

    You can make the case that EBT is cheaper and more efficient than paper food stamps, but the lessons learned were well worth the price. Fact is, it is the only government sponsored “early education” program that ever worked.

  2. I don’t have the white privilege guilt that many other people in the media have.
    It would be great if the people made up our new aristocracy would recognize that the positions they hold are due to wealth, not some imaginary ‘white skin privilege’.
    Alleviating ‘white privilege guilt’ doesn’t require require that you make any sacrifice to end injustice. It requires that you make other people sacrifice.

  3. I think that this garbage sums the lies that the left tells themselves about ‘white privilege’:
    ‘Affirmitive action’ never resulted in de-privileging a rich person of any skin color. It favors one group of poor people over another group of poor people. This is something that regular people understand, which is why affirmative action polls so badly.

  4. Adam Carolla, a guy who was working for a contractor that was remodeling Jimmy Kimmel’s home in LA. Became friends with Jimmy, got on Jimmy’s radio show, got on Jimmy’s Comedy Central show.

  5. I think Carolla put himself into disfavor with the Hollywood elite leftists back in 11/11 with his rant against the Occutards.

    They’ll probably not have too hard a time excommunicating him from the Temple of Leftism.

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