Nothing Here But Us Authoritarians

We conservatives, concerned that a potential lefty supermajority will try to impose the “Fairness” Doctrine to destroy talk radio (the backbone and beating heart of American conservatism today), warn the nation that an unprecedented assault on the First Amendment rights of average Americans is imminent.

“No – what, us?  Noooooooo!” responds the left.  “Why, Barack has even said he won’t push to reinstate the Doctrine!”

To them – disingenuous or naive as the case my be – that closes the discussion.

Of course, it’s not closed. 

New Mexico liberal Senator Jeff Bingaman:


Nah.  Nothing to worry about.


Look; it’s probably natural for lefties to expect that their elected representatives do have the Constitution’s, and the nation’s, best interests at heart.

It’s just that the documentary evidence doesn’t seem to bear this out in any way.

(Via Maloney)

8 thoughts on “Nothing Here But Us Authoritarians

  1. It won’t pass. If it passed, Obama wouldn’t sign it into law. If Obama signed it into law, the Supreme Court would strike it down. Feel free to unbunch your panties any time now, wingnuts.

  2. Good point, AC. That’s what another fine Constitutional scholar – George Bush – said about McCain-Feingold. He felt safe signing it because he was confident the Supreme Court would do his job for him and strike it down. Oops.

    Couldn’t happen twice, could it?

    On a related subject, I saw an Obama commercial saying he will support our Second Amendment rights to defend ourselves, everything he’s previously said and done to the contrary. But as he’s talking, the commercial shows a guy in camo carrying a shotgun through a field.

    Dude, I’m not worried about being attacked by quail. Show me a young white woman in bed grabbing a pistol from her nightstand and pointing it at some dark-garbed intruder, that’s what we’re worried about in Midway. More evidence that not only do Dems not get it, they’re not even good at faking that they get it.

    Oh, and I just paid $2.35 per gallon for regular at the BP on Dale Street at Como, lowest price in well over a year. I blame Bush.


  3. the Supreme Court would strike it down

    Provided that the same court that voted for Heller was still sitting.

    After Barry appoints Hillary “Climate of Hate” Clinton and Chris Matthews to the SCOTUS, not so much.

  4. It doesn’t have to pass as law. President Obama could issue an Executive Order to the FCC. No Congress required. That’s how we got rid of it in the first place.

  5. I would hope that AC would be right about it being struck down, but it was used for decades without the Supremes making this (obvious) conclusion. An awful lot of damage can be done just by the wait for the judicial process to occur.

    And it’s also telling that AC’s side of the aisle is more or less supporting this. It is as if winning control of the airwaves overrides the promises they make to uphold the Constitution when they’re sworn into office.

  6. Obama is too smart to call for a return of the fairness doctrine. All three of the major broadcast networks lean left, and so do PBS & NPR, yet they have no mandate to slant their content left-of-center.
    Instead what Obama wants to do is force broadcasters to carry local content, and he wants caps on media ownership. Combine this with his requirement that licences come up for renewal every two years — with input on the license from local watchdog committees and conservative talk radio will die a quick death.
    Never underestimate how much the left hates Rush Limbaugh. Bush & Cheney will be gone in three months but the only way to get rid of Limbaugh is to remove his access to the airwaves.

  7. Hopefully, an assault by the elitist illuminati socialists to return the Fairness Doctrine will be struck down. We expect our representatives to have our best interests at heart, which they do not. The left-wing, liberal illuminati, along with Obama, will try and destroy talk radio.

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