The Fix Is In

The Fix’s Chris Cilizza’s annual poll of the best political blogs by state has given this blog a bit of a jolt of levity over the years – 2009 and 2011, anyway.  And the latest list is out.

I know, the suspense was killing you.

This years’, however, seems to be less a paroxysm of lefty fanboy turnout than previous years.  Cilizza’s list:

Well, I’m happy and thankful for the recognition for True North.  It helps make up for the fact that TN’s staff – especially Nancy LaRoche and Derek Brigham – put in a lot of hard work for not a whole lot of payback.

One can’t begrudge Eric Ostermeier his position, of course.  And the poll seems to recognize, as many of us do, that Sally Jo Sorenson of BSP is one of few Minnesota leftybloggers who doesn’t seem to need either police surveillance or court-ordered medication.

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  1. Don’t forget to credit yourself, Mitch – you, Andy Aplikowski, Mr. D., Ed Morrissey, Gary Gross and all of our contributors, without whose great work there would be no True North. – Nancy

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