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Chris Cilizza has released his annual list of “Best State-Based Political Blogs” for 2011.  It’s a list for all fifty states.  Cilizza hastens to note that…:

The best political blogs list is entirely driven by Fix readers and commenters. Many of the blogs below are partisan and may use language and/or images that neither The Fix nor the Washington Post condones. To be clear, we are not endorsing the view of the blogs on the list. Instead we intend to serve as a gateway for interested political junkies to pick and choose your favorites.

So here are the lists for…:


So True North got on the list, against the MPR, Strib and Humphrey Institute house blogs, a Soros joint, The Dump (hey, give ’em their due; they’ve always known how to get the media to pay disproportionate attention to them) and “Bluestem”, which gets points for being one of about three Minnesota leftyblogs that’s neither obviously clinically deranged, nor employed by the DFL/Soros/some “progressive” institution nor seemingly written by a press-release bot.

Hey, at least a conservative blog got on the list this year – in a state that’s spawned two of the most powerful blogs anywhere in the business, Powerline and Captain’s Quarters  (which got assimilated into Hot Air) and where the organic conservative blog scene True North digests every day is the biggest, most vibrant in the country.

Hm.  Makes sense now.

Anyway, congrats to all.


7 thoughts on “The Fix Is In

  1. I’m not a regular reader of WaPo bloggers, but happened to visit Cilizza’s blog the day (or day after) he asked his readers for nominations. I clicked through to blogs suggested by his readers for the states I’m most familiar with, Minnesota, Michigan and Ohio. To a one, they were all left wing, “progressive” blogs with plenty of vitriol for the Republicans who have been elected to clean up the mess left by Demo’s. Some of the commentary that went along with the nomination was along the lines of “I come here (WaPo) to see what the Reich-Wing is ‘thinking’ to but my go to blog is (insert nutfudge lefty blog here)”.
    Not to take anything away from True North, but to me it’s like winning the Nobel Peace Prize along with Barry, Arafat and Al Gore.

  2. So True North got on the list, against the MPR, Strib and Humphrey Institute house blogs, a Soros joint

    That’s the biggest issue. I had always thought the reason you read blogs is to learn things that you won’t find in the MSM. No surprise that an MSM organ would recommend more of the same.

    Glad True North got a nod, at least.

  3. Sadly, it seems to me that this is no longer very relevant. I think the time of the blog has passed, and their influence has waned. The rise of social media has made the blog the 33 1/3 rpm vinyl of the Internet.
    There is nothing more constant than change.

  4. Blogs are less like the 33, and more like the Album. They are not the only social medium anymore; they coexist with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and who knows what else.

  5. Even if it’s WaPo, we ROCK. Thanks Mitch and the True North team – and for those who voted. Blogs may be less frequented these days, but with Twitter and Facebook, our hits are higher than ever. It’s good to have the mix.

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