The Ongoing “Conversation About Guns”

I was down at the Capitol last night watching Representative Martens testify.  My friend AVERY LIBRELLE was there, wearing a “Freedom not to get Shot” button.

LIBRELLE:  Gun violence is out of control!  We need fewer guns on the street!

ME: Well, no.  It’s down by nearly half in the past twenty years, as the number of civilian guns has grown by nearly half.   In fact, the gun crime rate is dropping pretty much every where but in places like Chicago, which continue to defy the Supreme Court and the Constitution and ban civilian gun ownership by the law-abiding citizen.

LIBRELLE!  Hah!  We won’t stop crime in Chicago until we have a comprehensive national policy on guns!

ME: So you’re saying Chicago’s murder rate is the fault of Indiana, Wisconsin and downstate Illinois?

LIBRELLE: Yes! Those guns in Chicago come from outside the city where guns are legal!

ME:  So if “availability of guns” is the problem, then why isn’t crime in all those other areas also booming?

LIBRELLE:  You support slavery, don’t you?

(And SCENE).

7 thoughts on “The Ongoing “Conversation About Guns”

  1. Take guns off the streets? I could take 1,000 guns off the streets this instant. Order all St. Paul police and Ramsey County deputies to return to base and hand in their weapons.

    Feel safer now? No? But there are fewer guns on the street. Doesn’t few guns make you safer?

    No. Because it’s not about the numbers, it’s about the hands, as in “guns in bad hands are bad but guns in good hands are good.” You have to know who to disarm and Democrats aren’t doing that with these bills.

  2. “Freedom not to get Shot” is the anti-gunner’s motto?

    My first thought when seeing those buttons on TV was that they were on my side, since that’s one of the major reasons why I support the Second Amendment.

    Thanks for clearing that up for me.

    Perhaps “Freedom not to get Shot by Evil White Privileged Males with Evil Black Scary Assault Weapons with High Capacity Clips that No One but the Police and Military Need” made for a button too expensive for them to produce.

    I think the anti’s need another PR consultant …

  3. Last week the second amendment was used to keep slaves and Indians in their place. This week it takes away everyone’s “freedom not be shot”.
    You see a pattern here?
    How Orwellian of them.

  4. You have to know who to disarm and Democrats aren’t doing that with these bills.

    I disagree, Joe. I think they know EXACTLY who they will disarm (or at least attempt to), and that is their entire goal. In the last two months since Newtown, it has been PLAINLY evident that the orcs’ goal is not to reduce crime. It is to increase control by reducing armed citizens.

  5. You can not reason with these people. They are insane. Cuckoo. Lunatic. Batshit-crazy:

    NRA Executive vice president Wayne La Pierre has hatched a plan to literally take over the security office of every school in the country and turn it into a propaganda outlet for the NRA and a gun purchasing agent to beef up the profits of Bushmaster and Glock and the gun companies that pay his salary. And he is using the bodies of 20 dead children to kick off his ad campaign.

  6. You ever watch MSNBC, Scott?
    It’s not a liberal version of Fox News. Not even close.
    It’s unmitigated hate speech towards Republican politicians and generic conservatives 24/7. Lawrence O’Donnell likes to play tough guy and threaten people on the other side of the political fence. Race hatred towards uneducated whites is not uncommon. Conservatives are constantly derided as racists, homophobic, and anti-science. I thought Maddow would be better — she’s a Rhodes Scholar — but she is just as hate-filled as any of them, shouting down the people she interviews, ascribing differences in policy with conservatives to their immorality, greed, and stupidity. I am certain that Dog Gone got her idea about turning over the people who made the ‘Innocence of Muslims’ video to a Libyan mob because that’s what MSNBC was saying before she wrote her comment suggesting that it would be ‘justice’. Fox is nothing like it MSNBC.
    Given what we know of Dorner, I bet he had MSNBC on all day, every day. Dornan’s facebook rant reads like MSNBC commentary by O’Donnell or Schultz.

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