Rep. Simonson: “Know Your Place, Peasant!”

As we noted this morning, most of the DFL representatives on the Public Safety Finance committee spent a good chunk of the time during yesterday’s hearings not listening to testimony about the gun grab bills their caucus was copying and pasting from Andrew Cuomo introducing, and letting a registered lobbyist sit in for one of them.

And then there was this; a Second Amendment activist (writing on Facebook) noted that he approached Duluth DFLer Erik Simonson – who introduced a dumb gun control bill of his own, of which more later – about a bill to “ban body armor” – based on the canard that mass-murderers just love to use body armor.  The bill is written so broadly that it’d include – and require a $100 fee and a background check – protective gear for motorcyclists, paintball players, snowmobilers and, near as I can tell from reading the bill, Highland drummers (whose drumheads are made of Kevlar these days).

The activist went to Simonson (I’ll add emphasis):

I approached Rep Simonson after the hearing in a very polite manner and introduced myself. I told him that some snowmobile and motorcycle jackets not only contain Kevlar but state it right on them. Helmets are made of Kevlar and I believe but am not sure paintball jackets could have Kevlar in them. The Rep said “I am not going down that road. I am not going to have a bunch of exemptions carved out”. I replied “So you want me to have to pay a $100 dollar fee to register my snowmobile jacket? Very curtly he said “I am not going down that road” and turned away

In other words, “Don’t bother me with the details, peasant!”.

So many questions.  Did Representative Simonson even know what was in “his” bill?  Because all of the DFL’s raft of gun grab bills read like they were cribbed from someone else.  Andrew Cuomo, maybe?

And all of you snowmobilers, Highland drummers, paintballers, and industrial protective equipment users?  You need to contact Rep. Simonson.  His number is 651-296-4246; call him (email doesn’t have enough impact these days).

Ask him.

Especially all of you snowmobilers, motorcyclists and industrial protective equipment users in Duluth.  To say nothing of Second Amendment supporters.

15 thoughts on “Rep. Simonson: “Know Your Place, Peasant!”

  1. Now you could argue that a snowmobile jacket isn’t intended to deter dangerous weapons and thus falls out of the purview of the law. In which case we can simply decide that we need a much heavier layer of Kevlar in such garments and then get around the law.

    On the flip side, it’s hilarious to think that motorcycle jackets and helmets could soon be regulated more strictly than guns, and that in the name of safety. Where do they find these guys to introduce bills like this.

  2. this will hit the logging industry and landscape arborists pretty hard since the vests, gloves and chaps they use with chainsaws all have kevlar in them

  3. In related news, the Democrats in California are going to ban all detachable magazines, because a Ruger 10/22 is far more deadly than a Model 94.

  4. “I’m not going down that road”


    Some of these leftists just need a bitch slap, don’t they?

  5. A filet knife is a “dangerous weapon” under state law. My filet glove is made of Kevlar. They BRAG about it in their advertising, saying: “Rapala fish cleaning gloves are made of the same material used in bullet proof vests. A strong cut resistant fabric is knitted to stainless steel and bonded with nylon and Kevlar.” Hey, I own an Assault Mitten, how cool is that?

  6. It’s okay, Night Writer, my Assault Mitten is not high-capacity; it has a four-finger limit with one thumb in the chamber.

  7. Aside from their administrative law enforcement sycophants, do these people seek any direction from the law enforcement entities who would have to enforce such a misguided law? How about the latest soccer mom kid’s accessory – the Kevlar backpack. No, I’m not kidding: “Sorry kid, you have the right to remain silent. I’ll let the principal know you’ll be late …”.

    Must disclose upon the request of a peace officer … Talk about another “gun free zone” – type idea. “Drat, my shoot-out/ suicide by cop/ robbery plans are foiled. Why did she/he have to ask that question?”

    Duluth, I think Chrissy Hynde summed it up best: My city was gone …

  8. Not ok, Joe! The statistics show that most mass-shooters have four fingers and one thumb. If it will save even ONE life, we must limit opposable thumbs strictly to police, military and state legislators (who need something to sit on).

  9. Now is an assault backpack capable of carrying eight books going to be banned? I think I’ll get an assault backpack along with an assault rifle just to tweak these guys!

    State legislators have opposable thumbs? Who knew!

  10. Light watercraft (canoes, kayaks) are also often made with Kevlar cloth these days, and it’s thick enough to stop a bullet. So I’m imagining SWAT teams going after the Boy Scouts……

  11. The SWAT teams won’t be going after the Boy Scouts, just the Thought Police unless they agree to include gays. Of course, the Thought Police will soon be militarized like the Dept. of Education, and it will look like SWAT when they descend upon you.

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