Numerous reports from the Capitol today indicate that Minneapolis 5th Ward Councilman Don Samuels brought a group of school children from Minneapolis to the Capitol to help the DFL pack the hearing rooms at the Paymar/Hausman gun grab hearings.

One correspondent wrote on Facebook:

The children Don Samuelson exploited, I witnessed holding paper signs saying, among other things, “No Guns” as they left the building.

I’m waiting on more photos from the Capitol.

Anyone recognize what school it is that’s sending kids, during the school day, to serve as DFL campaign props?

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  1. The four local stations will lead their broadcasts with the images of these kids holding their little paper signs, give the DFL plenty of air time, and then offer a 15-second disclaimer offered by the GOP. Standard practice. It’s why I don’t give ANY of the local stations credit for reporting “news;” – because they’re not looking for stories, they’re looking for heart-rending pictures.

  2. Anyone recognize what school it is that’s sending kids, during the school day, to serve as DFL campaign props?

    Boris Spassky Middle School, apparently.

  3. Here’s a list:

    •North Community High
    •Plymouth Youth Center Alternative High School
    •Urban League Academy Elementary

    I’m guessing “Urban League Academy Elementary”. Notice everyone is wearing the exact same thing; that would be a “gimme” that it’s either (a) organized beyond belief by the DFL or (b) kids from a charter school. Either way, the groupthink is appalling.

    Worth noting as well that the racial group with the lowest gun ownership rates is also the group with the highest gun homicide rates. Wonder if the school is teaching the inverse correlation between gun ownership and gun homicide to these kids…?

  4. I don’t mind a field trip for kids to learn about government from grown-ups. I object to the notion that grown-ups must learn from the kids. There’s a reason we don’t let kids vote, marry, form contracts, buy land or serve in the military. That same reason disqualifies kids from directing public policy. Even if they actually ARE wiser than all the Democrats in the room.


  5. He’s got brass balls. I’d bet next weeks paycheck that 99% of those kids has a family member connected in some way to the Crips, Bloods or Gangster Disciples… That is those that are not directly connected themselves.

    Tell me the neighborhood they’re from and I’ll name their set.

  6. This is pure theatre and that’s all it’s worth. Samuelson’s behavior is indicative of the wretched sewer that Mpls has become.

  7. I will for the second time today display my ignorance.

    But, does anyone honestly give credibility to such trite displays?

    In “Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers”, from Tom Wolfe’s book, “Radical Chic & Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers” (1970) the same tactic is described.

    The use of “impoverished inner-city youth” is a timeless, sure-fire, never-fail tactic when an unassailable prop is needed to dispute an otherwise logical position. His essays in “The Purple Decades” (1982) are remarkably accurate for many of the “urban” socio-political issues today. Try it …

    Not to justify this despicable display, but at least in the suburbs, teachers’ conferences take place today and tomorow. The kids have the days off and the parent (s) would otherwise have to spend some quality time with their offspring. Perhaps it’s the same in the Minneapolis area districts.

  8. Mr D, Boris Spassky was a great chess player and knew how and when to sacrifice pawns.
    On the other hand the DFL will mindlessly sacrifice pawns like Soviet era Generals did with foot soldiers.

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