Special NARN Broadcast

The Northern Alliance Radio Network will have a very special live broadcast next Saturday.

We’ll be out at Gander Mountain in Lakeville (I’ll be out there scouring for ammo anyway) in a special broadcast sponsored by the US Concealed Carry Assocation. ¬†We’ll have a whole slew of special guests, including Armed American Radio host Mark Walters, firearms instructor Michael Martin, and perhaps some special guests (probably not including Ted Nugent)

(I said probably) .

Join us out at Gander Mountain in Lakeville from 1-3 PM on Saturday…

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…or on AM1280 The Patriot!

5 thoughts on “Special NARN Broadcast

  1. Has Gander come out in opposition to victim disarmament ala Mills Fleet Farm?

    If not, why not?

  2. Is Obama staying in the cities throughout the week so he can be with you in Lakeville to accept his award as the Gun & Ammunition Retailers Man of the Year? I thought his appearance in the cities was a tad early.
    A friend who works at a local ammo factory says they are hiring like never before and big orders from major firearm retailers keep rolling in. Heckuva job Baracky!

  3. Got an email from the NRA. This weekend is NRA Weekend at Gander Mtn. Get a free $25 Gander gift card if you join, renew, sign up someone else or upgrade your NRA membership. So, most likely they are pro-2A/anti-disarmament also.

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