For Ye But Not For We?

A constituent of Michael Paymar’s writes:

Michael’s domestic partner, Laura Goodman, is a former police officer and now head of security at St Kates.

I think Micheal needs to be asked if there are any semi-automatic handguns in his home and how large are the magazines?

Maybe Ms. Goodman owns nothing but M1911s!

4 thoughts on “For Ye But Not For We?

  1. I think you’ve hit the answer, Mitch….the M1911 looks pretty butch. Seems a natural choice for St. Kates.

  2. Everyone keeps talking here and everywhere about how the 1911 passes the new proposed rules. Mine has an 8 round magazine that came standard. While it might work in NY, as long as I don’t keep 8 in it, pretty sure Michael wants me to turn mine in. Does his bill have an exemption for former law enforcement?

  3. I had thought that Catholic schools might take a dim view of such domestic arrangements, but I guess not.

    My 1911 can hold 8, too. Love those Wilson magazines!

  4. I am not a Catholic, but from what I understand of their doctrine, I would think that “…a leading Catholic university…” would object to its employees being in “domestic partnerships”. Apparently not if they have otherwise correct views….

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