Music To My Ears

Just a quick note:  this past month of defending the Second Amendment against orcs great and small has taken time away from what’d been intended from this blog’s “hiatus” from political writing, between the election and the opening of the session (and beginning of the 2014 campaign).

Which has meant that two of my pet projects – “Bruce Springsteen is America’s Greatest Conservative Songwriter” and the upcoming “Rethinking The Seventies”, music-wise – have been delayed.

I hope to continue and hopefully conclude the former next week, and kick off the latter the following week.  Hopefully.

‘Til then?  As a mental and musical apertif, I present Sean Hyson’s Top 10 Springsteen workout songs (guesting on Jason Ferrugia’s blog) – a list that’s pretty dang close to the one I’d pick.

(With a thankew to Chief)

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