Open Letter To Governor Dayton

To:  Governor Messinger Dayton
From: Mitch Berg, Peasant
Re:  A Time For Choosing

Governor Messinger Dayton,

I have  a couple of questions for you.

  1. Do you support President Obama’s declaration that legal gun ownership by the law-abiding citizen is a dangerous condition that needs monitoring?  I’ll ask you not to equivocate; yes, or no?
  2. If you support it, please make sure everyone knows.  You’ve never been shy about using the media that serves as your praetorian guard, and the lavishly-funded apparatus that your puppeteer ex-wife owns, to get the message out before; please don’t stop now.
  3. If you support the President, could you please prevail upon Minnesota’s DFL legislators to publicly declare their support as well?  Very, very publicly?  Maybe in a big press conference on the Capitol steps?

You ran as a “pro-2nd-Amendment” candidate in the 2010 election.  I’ve always suspected that you did it more out of memory of what happened to Ann Wynia (and the rest of the Democrat majorities) in 1994, or to the DFL’s majority in the House in 2002, than out of any sincere care for civil and human and rights…

…but I’m willing, if not expecting, to be surprised.

I mean, one way or another, it’s time for a big profile in courage, isn’t it?

That is all.

6 thoughts on “Open Letter To Governor Dayton

  1. 4. Will you willingly surrender your two .357 pistols (sic), 9mm pistol, and 12 gauge shotgun if President Obama’s initiatives regarding mental health or chemical dependancy would prohib your possession of them.

    4a. If enacted, would you also impose such restrictions on law enforcement personnel who, in the line of duty, require mental health (MH) intervention after their participation in, or exposure to, a horriffic event (officer-involved shooting, Sandy Hook, 9-11-01, etc.) as treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), or other duty-related MH conditions?

    Thank you …

  2. Seriously, Mitch: Governor Messinger, er, Dayton would publicly state his position on guns? Better to ask him to publicly explain his position on psychotropic drugs? He will do neither, because in the explanation, we might see the man behind the curtain.

  3. Great merciful crap, Joe! You hit the ball right on the screws! Under the Dear Leader’s edicts, the police can confiscate Governor Moon Bat’s guns, simply because he is a recovering alcoholic, which means that he has psychological issues. His doctor would also be required to narc on him!

  4. Thank you, Bosshoss.

    However, unless they were inherited or have some other significance beyond their intended purpose, I wouldn’t be surprised if Governor Dayton’s arsenal serves the same purpose as the temporary concubine always seen in photographs on George Clooney’s arm.

    If that dreaded day ever came, the public surrender of them by Governor Dayton, aside from putting his staff more at ease, would make for a fantastic photo op. Particularly if the shiny, nickel-plated one doesn’t linger in his hands too long and he needs additional prompting to let it go ..

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