Open Letter To Senator Klobuchar

To:  Senator Amy Klobuchar
From: Mitch Berg, Peasant
Re:  Powers

Sen. Klobuchar,

I have  a couple of questions for you.

  1. Do you join President Obama in the belief that the law-abiding, legal gun owner is a public health risk and manifesting a mental illness?  I’ll ask you not to equivocate; yes, or no?
  2. Could you please make your reasons for this support as public as you can, if applicable?  You’ve never been shy about using the media that serves as your praetorian guard to get the message out before; please don’t stop now.
  3. If you support the President, could you please prevail upon Minnesota’s DFL legislators to publicly declare their support as well?  Very, very publicly?

You’ve spent the past six years in a calculated effort to create a public image of studied innocuity.  But given your massive victory last November, surely you feel secure enough politically to be honest about your stance and motivations.

I mean, you just know you’re bulletproof come election time, don’t you?

That is all.

2 thoughts on “Open Letter To Senator Klobuchar

  1. Before she responds, her press people will send out a press release to local TV stations. This woman never misses an opportunity to get in front of a TV camera.

    6PM News. Today we have a grand opening at (xxxxx). We see Senator Klo was there.
    Weather: It rained around the Twin Cities today. Her we see Senator Klo out in the rain.
    Sports: Gophers played at Williams Arena this afternoon. Looks liek Senator Klo was at the game.
    And finally, there was a walk to support (name your cause). Here we see Senator Klo particapating in the walk.

  2. Chuck her biggest worry is to sponsor the same legislation that she presented a couple of years ago to protect us from those evil copper thieves and keep them from stealing from the infrastructure. She has no time for commenting on this issue.

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