16 thoughts on “Take Me to the River

  1. Edit, schmedit – how did you get it to appear in both IE and Firefox? I’ve never gotten that to work…

    …oh, wait. I work here. I can look at the code.


  2. My son took the video, edited it, and uploaded it to Youtube. I simply saved a screenshot, and turned it into a link back to his Youtube page. I don’t know what software he uses. I will ask him.

  3. At least he didn’t use “Born To Run”. Raising him with style, Roosh. The next generation should have an appreciation of the classics.

  4. At least he didn’t use “Born To Run”.

    At least he did not use “Take me to the River” by Talking Heads (Al Green/M. Hodges)…

  5. At least he didn’t use “Born To Run”

    You’re just testing me, aren’t you? Keep it up, Kerm. Keep it up.

    Others he could have used:

    “The Bridge” – Cactus World News (that would have been cool, actually)
    ” Bridge Over Troubled Water” – Simon and Garf
    “Night” – Springsteen

    Yeah, I gotta get a camera.

  6. You’re just testing me, aren’t you? Keep it up, Kerm.
    I was going to post a twenty-five paragraph comment on the superiority of early 80s British rock vs. East Coast derivitives, but then I remembered that no one really cares.

    I’d say it’s teasing, not testing.

    Have you heard all of the terrible rumors about Mayoral candidate JRoosh? Stunning. Just stunning.

  7. Carful Kermey. I can edit comments here with the vast and sweeping executive powers bestowed on me by Mitch “Capo Di Tutti Bloggi” Berg

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