Layers And Layers Of Gatekeepers And Factcheckers

A photo from the NYTimes.

Check the caption (may only make sense to shooters in the audience):

(For non-shooters in the audience – the caption says the pistol is a “.40 caliber Glock”. It’s not. It’s a Colt M1911A1 (or a third-party copy thereof). Which is not just a different gun, but just about the un-Glock-iest pistol in the world that doesn’t have a rotating cylinder full of bullets, or a ramrod and a flintlock for that matter).

Layers and layers of gatekeepers!

8 thoughts on “Layers And Layers Of Gatekeepers And Factcheckers

  1. That’s a Les Baer .45 ACP, not a Glock .40 .

    The stickers on the box under the pistol say it came from Hoffman’s Gun Center “Guns For The Good Guys” and you can see parts of Les Baer’s name on the labels.

    Honestly, I’d far rather have the Les Baer. Tell the Times I’ll buy them a brand new Glock 23 in .40 S&W and swap them even-up for a brand-new Les Baer Ultimate in .45 ACP. I’d come out at least a thousand dollars ahead plus I’d have a far better weapon.

  2. TBS, that made me laugh out loud, literally. Then I remembered, there has been more than one instance of a high school yearbook picture with a gun/cannon in it being disallowed from the yearbook (a student going to West Point sitting on a dead cannon that is a statue/monument), and there are anecdotes of school children getting in trouble for cutting out the shape of a gun from a piece of paper, and getting in trouble for pointing their finger at another kid forming a gun and pretending to shoot the other kid.

  3. Get on the horn to your elected dip sticks in D.C. because it sounds like the GOP is getting ready to cave in on gun control! I placed a call to Erik Paulsen this morning, but had to leave a voice mail. Also called Boehner’s, McCain’s and McConnell’s offices. A staffer answered at McCain’s office, but after telling him why I was calling, he put me on hold, then I mysteriously got disconnected.

  4. Also frequently referred to as a “service revolver” in the media when owned or used by a police officer.

    Another closer to home example occurred in the Star/Trib within the last week or so. Their editorial cartoon showed a drawing of an AR-15-like long-gun. The heading read to the effect of ” Reasons not to own one”. An arrow pointed to the magazine from a caption “30 reasons” and another arrow pointed to the muzzle from the caption “675 reasons per minute”.

    The firearm portrayed in the cartoon was a fully automatic rifle AKA “machine gun”. It is the full-auto version of the AR-15 which is capable firing at a rate of 675 (or so) rounds per minute. It is not readily sold to the general public without a great deal of expense and paperwork.

    More importantly, it was not the type of gun used in the Newtown tragedy. I doubt if many subscribers realize this. I also doubt that the editor DIDN’T KNOW this. At least I hope she/he isn’t that stupid. Perhaps a little misdirection for the common good is allowed under the First Amendment …

  5. Is that the kind of Glock that has a high capacity magazine clip? (Kidding. I know the difference between a clip and a magazine, but many news reporters and editors do not)

  6. Joe;

    Based on her (Nancy Barnes) previous blabs in her rag, as well as a phone conversation that I had with her about five years ago, I can attest that she is that stupid!

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