I Keep The Suckas In Fear By The Look On My Face

Today, the Northern Alliance Radio Network brings you the best in Minnesota conservatism from 11AM-5PM:

  • Volume I “The First Team” –Brian, Chad and John kick off from 11-1.
  • Volume II “The Headliner”Ed and I hold forth from 1-3. I betcha dimes to dollars we’ll be talking about the poll turnaround, the incredible shrinking Barack Obama campaign, and Palin Derangement Syndrome.  Or, y’know, not.  Tune in!
  • Volume III, “The Final Word”King and Michael will be dishing the Minnesota smack from 3-5.

So tune in to all six hours of the Northern Alliance Radio Network, the Twin Cities’ media’s sole guardians of sanity. On the air at AM1280 in the Metro, or streaming at AM1280’s Website, or via podcast at Townhall.

And don’t forget the David Strom Show, with David Strom and Margaret Martin, from 9-11!

(Title courtesy Cool James)

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