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  1. That has to be the most ludicrously stupid use of Holmes’ ‘shouting-fire’ analogy ever uttered by any human.
    The guy needs an intervention. Someone needs to explain to him, first, that there is currently no unlimited right to bear arms.
    Second, that exercising your 2nd amendment rights is in no way the equivalent of (falsley) shouting fire in a theater. There is no will to cause harm, for one thing.
    Third, that prior to the 1917 Schenk case, it was, actually, illegal to falsely shout fire in a crowded theater. No one did so and used the free speech excuse because, duh!, it would have been stupid.
    Fourth, The Schenk case would never have made it as far as the SC anytime since the 1960’s. Schenk’s crimes was handing out anti-draft leaflets.

  2. One of my night school classmates’ brother committed suicide by gun. She wouldn’t allow her kids to play with them, have them in the house, nothing. Hey, her house, her rules, fine by me.

    But when the oldest went off to college, I took aside her husband and offered to take him and his boy to the pistol range, just so he’d know which end of the pistol was the bad end. $100 and two hours later, all three of us were glad we did. Then we swore a blood oath not to mention it to Mom!

    Go ahead, professor, ban guns in your house. But please don’t deprive your children of an education. Injury from ignorance is entirely avoidable.

  3. Yes, you idiot academic, post your house as a gun free zone and see how many of the homeowners become victims of crime. A better sign would be; “I don’t call 911” with a picture of a S&W revolver on it.

  4. Doesn’t the Huffington Post fact check or proof-read? I haven’t seen this much trite misinformation in one article, let alone a short one, in my life.

  5. You have an absolute moral and possibly legal requirement to shout “FIRE!” in a crowded theater, if it is, in fact, on fire, or even just smoking badly.

    Similarly, you have the right to have a firearm to protect yourself against the bad acts of others.

  6. Terry,
    I know hat you mean, I tried to get a Desert Eagle into the islands to go boar hunting and after weeks of screwing around long distance with one functionairy after another I finally disassembled the gun, packed it with lots oil and misc bits of metal components from a defunct air conditioner into five separate packages which I shipped UPS to my destination. Had a great time hunting pig. Had to ship it back the same way.

  7. Where did you go for boar hunting, kel? We’ve got great boar hunting around where I live (though I don’t do it myself). I had to put 200 yds of hog wire around my lot to keep out the, er, hogs. We’ve got axis deer on the Big Island now, though whether or not there will be allowed hunts for them is still up in the air. The DLNR is hoping to bring in the pros and eradicate the axis deer before their population metastisizes.

  8. Columns that stupid really mean that Etzioni needs not only to lose tenure, but also every degree and diploma he has, not to mention his drivers’ license. Why don’t we take the bars off the windows of businesses and homes in iffy neighborhoods, too?

  9. Terry,
    big island, a friend of mine used to live there (20+ years). This was in the early 90s. He brought his 870 shotgun ( with 00 buckshot) and I thought the Desert Eagle with a 14″ barrel would be enough for me. We wandered out into the brush and after an hour or so we found this boar. I took a shot at about 115 yards, hit the pig and rolled him over twice. Thinking he was dead I started walking toward him, he jumps up and starts running right at me. I line up my sights on him and am just about to shoot when he falls over about 50 yards away. My friend says “well I think he’s dead this time but lets wait a few minutes just to be sure”. Turns out those pigs look at you as an equal and will do the best they can to kill you. We hunted a few more days with me carring the shotgun while my friend used his 7mm Magnum to firmly anchor his pigs. Hunting pigs is way more exciting than hunting deer. I wish my friend still lived there.

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