Have Your Stored A Ton Of Cornmeal Yet?

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

The hype around the “fiscal cliff” reminds me of the hype around Y2K which supports my suspicion that’s all it is – hype.

If the GOP fails to cave in, we automatically enact the spending cuts adopted by John Kerry’s Super Committee and cut the monthly shortfall in half. We don’t cut the Budget in half, just the amount we’re Short each month.

We’ll still be spending ourselves into bankruptcy, only not as fast. That should be okay with Democrats, shouldn’t it? Incrementalism, and all that?

Joe Doakes

Como park

Like most of the Democrat (and DFL) agenda, it’s there to gull the gullible…

…and draw attention away from the real problem; the upcoming debt and entitlement crunches.

Hey, how about that upcoming royal baby?  Lindsay Lohan’s sex life?  X-Factor?


2 thoughts on “Have Your Stored A Ton Of Cornmeal Yet?

  1. The list of “gullible” or at least incurious when it comes to government spending continues to increase. Why the Washington Post’s own Walter Pincus doesn’t realize that the way the government borrows money is to sell bonds. See, because during the World War’s, bonds (ie: debt obligations) called Liberty Bonds were sold. It’s different because the bonds that the government sells now are not called Liberty Bonds. So there you go.
    By the way Mitch – you missed concern about Honey BooBoo being named one of the most interesting people in the world and Anne Hathaway’s lack of underpants.

  2. Joe, you must be referring to the not-so Super Committee, which was made up of three Democrats and three Republicans.

    I sort of thought for a moment there we were going to talk about major cuts to entitlements and defense.

    America will still be in pretty good shape militarily. It will still spend as much as all of the other big militaries combined.

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