A Million Different Voices Speaking In Tongues

Today, the Northern Alliance Radio Network – America’s first grass-roots talkradio show – brings you the best in Minnesota conservatism, as the Twin Cities media’s sole source of honesty!

  • I’m in from 1-3.  I’ll be talking about the future of the GOP conservatism and the Tea Party and taking your phone calls.  I’ll be talking with Senatoor Dave Hann – the incoming Senate minroity leader – about the upcoming State Central meeting, and of course the upcoing session.
  • Brad Carlson’s show – “The Closer” – is on from 1-3 on Sunday.

(All times Central)

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5 thoughts on “A Million Different Voices Speaking In Tongues

  1. Thank you for the update. I very much enjoy talk radio and have been searching for an alternative to KTLK (or whatever it’s calling itself today) ever since started its death rattle a while back.

    I’ve tried to get AM1280 but have yet to find a place where I can receive it – I even live rather close to it’s Eagan headquarters but can’t pick it up. Even while driving around I cannot get it to come in on my car radios. Too bad.

    At least I can stream it now. I’ll look forward to your broadcast and appreciate your help those of us who are electronically inept.

  2. I can tell u one thing that’s wrong—- there was a story in the strib about dayton wanting to raise gas taxes and license- tab fees and u haven’t said peep about it! Un-freak’n believable! U keep obssessing about cd-4 and cd-5——-give it up mitch. The fact that u would waste more than 10 seconds of my time talking and writing about these races and candidates is total fantasy land speculation based on NOTHING real in either district. Just so we have this straight, no body lost because they weren’t conservative enough. Like all tea partiers, there is no discernment about actually winning a majority because of their narrow ideological purity tests. Quit screwing up the elections and ruining everything for the majority of folks who r center-right. I love how the gay mairrage vote back-fired on this incompetent party (think about the rubanesque former senate majority leader who absolutely embarrassed the party in purple to blue leaning sate. There is no room for errors in MN for Republicans. Kurt Bills–please!!! Completely unfit for office.

  3. “pckchp”:

    Not sure what to respond to. Not even sure what it’s relevant to.
    I agree about the Marriage Amendment. But you’re wrong about the Tea Party; it’s only “narrow” in the sense that it focuses on fiscal issues, and largely leaves the rest to the candidates. You are repeating, pretty much, the left’s chanting points about the Tea Party.

    As to Dayton’s gas tax proposal: the fact that I haven’t gotten to it yet means nothing. I don’t do this for a living, and there are other bloggers out there.

  4. Mitch:

    I’ll like to disagree with your comment on the radio that Rush Limbaugh is wrong on immigration.

    One, Rush has pointed that there are Republicans who think to get the hispanic vote again we have to give out amensty. As polling data such as Cuban American hispanics and Puerto Rico demonstrate (no issues of US citizenship) that we are slipping because they like big government.

    Two, the things you expressed on the air is what we think should be in an immigration bill, but that bill will never be passed since the first thing in the Democrat bill is amnesty with no desire to protect the southern border.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

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