Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

20-something Cold Spring cop killed. PiPress article claims he didn’t draw his service revolver. Really? I thought all the kids wore Glocks.

If they got that wrong, what else is wrong?

Or is Cold Spring so backwards they actually issue pistols and require cops to use wheel-guns?

Joe Doakes

Como Park

Well, it could be one of those “retro chic” things that all the kids are doing.  Or maybe a cop that watched “Get Shorty” and became a revolver fan.

But I’d suspect a reporter who assumes “service revolver” is a technical term for “any firearm a cop carries, from a Glock to a shotgun to an AR15 to, occasionally, a revolver issued to him by their department”.

Not to make fun of the tragedy; my condolences to Officer Decker’s family.

One thought on “Retro?

  1. Let the Decker killing a lesson to all you would-be coppers out there; putting the boots to a guy on the ground, tasing chicks & frat boys and grinding people’s heads into the dirt is all good fun, but sometimes things don’t go that way.

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