You Read It Here First

Gay marriage is worth more to the DFL as a permanent wedge than it is as policy.

I predicted right after the election: defeating the Marriage Amendment, to the DFL, was about waving a bloody shirt to get out the vote; not  a prelude to doing anything to legalize gay marriage.

Legalization would galvanize conservative opposition to the DFL on an issue where the currently-rulling party doesn’t need the friction – and, more importantly, would deprive the DFL of one of its bloodiest waving shirts.

Some on the left – Sally Jo Sorenson at BSP, Aaron Rupar at the City Pages – are finally figuring out that the new DFL majority are talking out both sides of their mouths, although neither will, or knows to, put it in those terms yet.

So mark my words (and if you don’t, no worries; I’ll mark them for you); there will be no repeal of Minnesota’s statutory ban on gay marriage. Oh, there may be a token bill; Scott Dibble and Karen Clark will submit a proposal, which will die in DFL-controlled committee (with the DFL’s noise machine doing its best to paint it as “GOP obstructionism”).  By 2014, gay marriage will be exactly as illegal as if the Amendment had passed.  And by 2016, whatever the results of the 2014 House elections, the DFL-controlled Senate will have blocked it as well.

20 thoughts on “You Read It Here First

  1. Doesn’t matter no law will be passed. What matters is that the religious order be bitch-slapped. Sexual justice!

  2. Democrats continually say that gay marriage is just like inter-racial marriage. So can we conclude that by not repealing the law saying marriage is just between a man and a woman, that Democrats support Jim Crow marriage laws of the old South?

  3. I disagree about Dibble, Mitch. Even though he is openly gay, he was asked just after the election if due to the DemocRATs getting back in power, that meant gay marriage would be passed into law. He danced around the issue like a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. That said, I believe that he’s up for re-election in 2014, so if that’s the case, I don’t think that he’ll get on that wagon unless he gets re-elected.

  4. Chuck brings an interesting point.

    If teh gay is a matter of CIVIL RIGHTS, does Democrat reluctance to bless it with teh “=” make them teh BIGOTS or teh HOMOPHOBES?

    Can we have a FACTCHECK?

    Redecioulus, and developing!

  5. Swift: Gay=sexual slavery. No rights. No justice. No peace. It would have been so much easier for their cause if Rosa Parks would have been sitting with her dyke-ish significant other on that bus.

  6. Stink, if only those people had shown up to demand a seat at the lunch counter wearing assless chaps…woulda; coulda; shoulda.

  7. If activists hadn’t tried to push this through the courts in Massachusetts and California before the public was ready, gay marriage would likely be spreading like wildfire now through legislative action. As it is, we’ll need to wait until the public leaves behind their impression that gay marriage is something liberal judges are forcing on them before it will be allowed to spread through the nation.

    Anti-gay marriage supporters are dieing every day, and most of the new voters turning 18 every year just don’t understand why we need to protect marriage from gay people. If you want social change, you need to take the time and effort to convince the people and their representatives of the justice of your cause. Eventually they’ll come around, and the change that they enact will be permanent.

  8. There’s actually a case pending in Hennepin County District Court which could overturn the state statute. And that’s exactly what DFLers desire to happen (Hello, Massachusetts).

  9. Emery: this is the second time on this blog that you wish death upon the Jews. What exactly is your problem?

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  11. “..most of the new voters turning 18 every year just don’t understand why we need to protect marriage from gay people.”

    Amazing what 12 years of having “teh gay is teh kewl” drummed into a kids head will do, isn’t it?

  12. When you stop to consider how many gays are kicking off from AIDS every year, public school indocrtination could be the only way they can propagate the species.

  13. “A good Catholic School education will prepare you for anything in life.”

    I’m living proof of that.

  14. Y’know, Swiftee, you make me wish I was still a biker.
    I appreciate honesty.
    Now if only I could get rid of that tattoo of Alfred E. Newman screwing the Statue of Liberty.

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