Rememberance Of Things Future

Joe Doakes from Como Park emaill:

Having lost “the most important election ever,” what should we expect? Not hysteria, but reasonable expectations, what’s coming next?

Marriage – the Hennepin County lawsuit will succeed. Gay marriage will be imposed on “equal protection” grounds. Immediately thereafter, Somali Muslim immigrants will file suit demanding plural marriages be recognized on the same grounds. The Archbishop should tell Catholic priests they are forbidden from performing civil marriages, they can perform religious marriages only, for which the parties must obtain a civil marriage elsewhere, to establish that the Church doesn’t discriminate against gays or Muslims and can’t be forced to perform marriages for them.

Elections – descendants of European Caucasians will continue to dwindle as a percentage of the population, being out-produced by births and immigration of minorities who bring the values of their former societies to ours, transforming our nation to theirs. Third-world election results will become standard.

Pistols – gun control advocates will push the UN Small Arms Treaty as an excuse to prohibit the sale of all pistols. President Obama will appoint Supreme Court justices who will decide the right to possess a pistol in the home for self-defense does not imply a right to acquire one or carry one outside the home or buy ammunition for one. The Court also will hold that crime detection and prevention requires every pistol owner to have the same government permission as a fully-automatic machine gun and uphold unlimited taxes on ammunition. Pistol owners should buy one or two pistols to turn in when the cops come, but hide one or two for use during natural disasters or riots, making sure to keep 9mm or .40 S&W pistols to ensure compatibility when theft from the military and law enforcement becomes the only source of ammunition.

Jobs – if you have one, do whatever it takes to keep it, there won’t be more created anytime soon. Expect your employer to drop your health insurance when the crowding-out effect of Obamacare makes the health insurance business unprofitable.

Foreign Policy – the United States will continue its ever-expanding bombing campaign in Africa but Muslim terrorists will continue to sting us, at home and abroad. The European Union will dissolve leaving its member states to fend for themselves. Several will default on their debts, elect new governments, adopt new currency and hope for the best. China will take the Spratley Islands oil fields from Japan and the United States will talk tough but do nothing to annoy our largest creditor.

Federal Budget – Democrats controlling Congress will raise tax rates on disfavored groups but the slow economy, declining workforce and Baby Boomer retirements will prevent tax rate increases from generating enough revenue to solve the Social Security, Medicare and Obamacare debt problems. The Federal Reserve Bank will continue to buy at least a trillion dollars per year of federal government debt, since no other creditor will touch it.

Money – The rising tide of un-payable federal debt will convince other nations the dollar is devalued to the point of being worthless. One nation will decline to accept dollars in payment for oil, causing a stampede of other nations to follow suit, and some other nation’s currency will be adopted as the international standard (probably the Swiss Franc or the German Mark after the Euro disappears).

Stocks – Wall Street fund managers will decline to buy worthless government bonds but domestic investment opportunities will lag as taxes increase and overseas investment opportunities will disappear when the dollar becomes worthless. Stock portfolios will collapse taking down the pension funds and retirement accounts that have invested in them. Retirees will not be forced to eat cat food – they’ll be forced to eat their cats, as food. Prudent people will learn to garden, hunt and can.

Electricity – Democrats will ban coal as fuel for power plants. America’s aging nuclear plants will shut down one by one as permits for repairs become impossible to obtain. Natural gas fired plants and wind farms will not be able to carry the load. Roving brown-outs will become common. Blackouts following natural disasters will take longer to recover. Radical home retrofits to use only the power generated by solar, geo-thermal or backyard windmills will be touted but too expensive for average homeowner. Homes in cold climates will be abandoned as people migrate South to survive.

Quality of Life – The price of gasoline will skyrocket when dollars can’t be used to purchase foreign oil and our own oil production is decades away because Democrats have blocked permits to produce it. The price of imported goods will skyrocket when dollars are worthless beyond our shores but domestic goods will not replace them, there being no remaining domestic production and startups too heavily burdened by regulations. Health care providers will fail because of low Obamacare reimbursement rates and facilities will be taken over by government in the manner of GM and Chrysler. Treatment for sick people will exhibit all the convenience, access and compassion of the DMV or the IRS.

Joe Doakes

Como Park

I’ll be working on my own predictions before too terribly long here.

They differ from Joe’s only in degree, really.

16 thoughts on “Rememberance Of Things Future

  1. I only disagree on the money part. China owns so much of our debt, that they realize how unlikely they are to get repaid, at least for the foreseeable future. But, make no mistake; they will get paid. They have been buying and stockpiling all of the gold they can over the past decade. I submit that they are going to make a play to make the yuan and the Renminbi the reserve currency. Once that happens, the dollar will drop like a stone, causing much chaos, especially among the 99% morons. That’s the point when they will turn on their DemocRAT masters, who will still be playing duck and cover, blaming the GOP and lying their asses off.

  2. Get out of my head, Hoss. I was going to write the same thing, with the exception that I do not believe that until we reach the point where we’re all squatting over dung fires in loin cloths (which is the ALGORE mob’s fondest wish), the dollar will ever be refused as payment; it’s just going to take a whole lot more of them to do the job.

    That won’t be much of a shock for our new voting majority since it already takes 100 pesos, or 80 yuan to buy a can of Coke back home.

  3. What do you think people will say if they are given a choice between maintaining the most powerful military apparatus the world has ever seen and their social security check?

  4. I don’t think you’ve framed the question properly, Terry. What do you think people will say if they are given a choice between maintaining the most powerful military apparatus the world has ever seen and having MuckMoot Iminadinnerjacket, or Jr. Jong cash in the Social Security Department?

  5. In short, we will all be living in Hillary’s mythical villiage. The one that will be necessary to raise our collective children. Of course, we know who will still be living at the current standard.

    This is one of the by-products of unrestricted immigration. Those we import without regard to their usefullness, societal “fit”, or ability to adapt will achieve a standard of living far above their wildest dreams just by swarming across our border and being satisfied living in what we used to call substandard conditions. This will set a new standard, or, as it will be laughingly referred to as, “American dream.”

    Another result of this “new normal” will be the dwindling and eventual extinction of private home ownership, particularly the single-family variety. Aside from cost considerations, such living conditions might be frowned-on as unfair. Also, the maintainance skills needed by a home owner are rapidly becoming lost.

    Don’t know if this is good or bad, but individual living space seems like a good target for social justice and redistribution. “Really, how much space does one family really need?” As firearms were demonized, so could the individual residence. The large family home is now an estate, the home with acerage is now a compound, etc. etc. A relatively easy sell to those who were raised under the thumb of “upperclass” landowners.

    I’m still waiting to awaken early on 11/07/12 and share the strange dream I had …

  6. With DemoncRat goal of making sure 50%+1 of the populace are on the dole, I am afraid we are in for a long haul. Big question is – how far will police and military go to actually carry out gun confiscation orders.

  7. Private Justplainangry, you have family, yes? You want to protect them, yes? If you fail to follow orders, you are a Traitor to the Homeland. Your family will be Traitors. You know what we do to Traitors. Do the right thing, Private. Kick down that door and get those guns. Do it For your children. And also because, when all the young women are defenseless but you and your troops have guns, we’ll see about recruiting some Comfort Women from those you’ve disarmed, to assist in rest and relaxation. All Americans were created equal, some of us are more equal than others, eh Comrade? Now . . . KICK!

  8. jpa, you bring up a great point and nate, the elitists and left wing illuminati have prepared for that. In fact, they calculated that, depending on what’s happening, as many as 65% of the military, would say not or refuse to carry out those orders, because “enemies foreign and domestic” has limits. IMO, based on how badly Obumbler’s henchmen have screwed the military on voting, I suspect that it would be more like 90% refusal right now. Of the remaining 10%, 8 would opt to join the majority. Now for the conspiracy theory. For years there have been rumors of a private mercenary army, funded by the global elites that want to see America fall, to handle just such tasks. Of course, I don’t give a flying rat’s ass how good that army may be, because our military has proven time and again that their training and discipline are superior to almost any other country’s.

  9. Joe Dopes reflected the real fear behind wingnut desires to “take back America”:

    “Elections – descendants of European Caucasians will continue to dwindle as a percentage of the population, being out-produced by births and immigration of minorities who bring the values of their former societies to ours, transforming our nation to theirs. Third-world election results will become standard.”

    Sure. The way British immigrants like Benjamin Franklin turned the U.S. into a monarchy. Or how German families, like Dwight Eisenhower’s, transformed the country into a military dictatorship.

    A shame we can’t seem to convince racist dickheads to self-deport.

  10. Isn’t Angry Clown cute when he tries to make an argument?
    Franklin’s and Eisenhower’s ancestors emigrated from their native lands to escape religious prosecution. Franklin’s ancestors were Quakers and Eisenhower’s were Mennonites.
    I’ve never met a Latin American who came to the U.S. to escape religious persecution.

  11. Sorry, Blofeld, it’s this kind of racist shit that makes decent white people, large majorities of Hispanic Americans and all but three black people vote against your party and revile hardcore kooks like yourself. Get used to losing elections, pal.

  12. Hey! It just occurred to me! I graduated from an inner city high school!

  13. Dimwitted leftists like AssClown really hate it when anyone outside the echo chamber atttempts to muscle in on their racist papspew, Terry…it’s all they got.

    What will the Democrap Black\Latino\Asian\DwarfLesbian caucuses do when the public finally gets tired of having race and gender used like salsa on the shit tacos stinking leftists serves up every two years?

  14. It has been awhile since we heard that “there is no blue America, there is no red America” spiel from President 51% hasn’t it?

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