It”s The DFL Way

UPDATE:  Welcome PowerLine readers.  Kudos on this one go to “MNCD4 Conservative”, on his eponymous blog.

From MNCD4 Conservative, video of an entire yard-full of GOP signs being stolen:

He’s been documenting a long string of these thefts and vandalism.  Read the whole thing.

Look at the video.  Does it look like kids out vandalizing for fun to you?  About as much as the SEALS that took out Bin Laden looked like yokels shining deer.

MNCD4 Conservative points out that he is one of CD4’s main campaign sign mavens, and that he sees very few Democrat signs vandalized – but many, many GOP ones:

I know opposing readers will say, “but your just ignoring or don’t see the other side”. And it is human nature, that if it doesn’t fit their world view, they tend to force things into the model that “its always the other side..”. Until something comes crashing in to upset the world as they know it. However, I specifically look for, stop, and often repair, every down/defaced sign I see [once I know whose it is and would have permission to do so]. I can only comment that, Pioneer Press articles aside, I have never found one to be other than Vote Yes or Republican when I have stopped. That’s a whole lot of improbability.


My project for next election: stake out my election signs, in such a way as I can get names and numbers when – not if – they get destroyed.

4 thoughts on “It”s The DFL Way

  1. I’m not sure about this, but I thought that defacing, removing or otherwise tampering with signs for presidential candidates was a federal crime. Can anyone comment?

  2. Very anecdotal, but I have only seen a half dozen signs or so in my neighborhood, and only one pulled up and tossed into the street: a Romney sign.

  3. Those two were pikers. When me and the boys make a run through MacGroveland, we stretch a wire across the lawns and run down the block, snatching up every moonbat sign in one effortless pass.

    When we get to the end of the block, we pour acetone on and watch the whole thing dissolve into a sticky, non-bio-degradable puddle of goo. Sometimes, depending on how many different colors are involved, it looks like a slowly spreading GLBT cesspool….quite fetching, actually. But other times we happen to snag up mostly Betty! signs, in which case it just looks like a cesspool….anyway, we top it off with a NObama flag and then off to do the opposite side of the street.

    heh. Maybe I’m just kidding.

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