Standing Astride History, Yelling “Hi”

My high school friend Nuke wanted to do something for the GOP this election season.  But he wasn’t sure what to do.

But he does make a mean sign.  So he decided to get out on the street.  Literally.

For the past couple of weeks, he’s been standing on the footbridge over Highway 55 at Winnetka, during the afternoon rush, holding signs and waving at passing traffic.

I joined him up on the overpass on Friday.

We got a few thumbs-down, and a few middle fingers – yes, I am #1 – but a lot more honks in agreement, and not a few people bellowing their agreement out the window.

Anyway – Nuke’s going to be up on the overpass tonight, Monday night, one last time before the election.  Give him a honk or a thumbs-up if you’re passing by.  Or bring a sign of your own.

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