What If The Fact-Checkers Just Plain Don’t Know Facts?

Joe Doakes writes:

Pioneer Press On-Line forwarded article from NationalJournal “fact-checking” the debate, that included this bit:

Romney on assault weapons ban:

Responding to a question about assault weapons, Romney said, “We, of course, don’t want automatic weapons, which is already illegal in this country.” Actually, the federal ban on assault weapons — first enacted in 1994 under former President Clinton — expired in September 2004, during the George W. Bush administration.

Um, kids, Clinton’s assault weapons ban did not affect fully-automatic weapons, which is what Romney was specifically talking about. He knows the difference that you evidently do not. The “fact-check” sounds like it was written by one of our old friends.

Joe Doakes

Como Park


Attention, media “fact checkers”; we covered this the other day.  Read it and learn something.


5 thoughts on “What If The Fact-Checkers Just Plain Don’t Know Facts?

  1. Actually, I exclude myself from the “we” to which Romney referred when he said “we don’t want automatic weapons”.

    Regardless, I would like conservative, NRA backed candidates to take the opportunities to educate the public 1) that there are few differences between semi-automatic “assault rifles” and semi-auto hunting rifles and 2) the scope and intent of the Second Amendment of the Constitution.

  2. Adrian – ditto. I’d *love* a fully-auto piece or two. A BAR or a Bren would be a great start.

  3. Would be a very tough call for me to choose between an M1928A-1 Thompson and a BAR.

    Hell, I guess I’d have to go with both.

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